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May 21 11 1:02 PM

Well to be fair, it's only a teaser.

But if they get big while Infinite, Block B, The Boss, Teen Top, hell even Mblaq continue to languish at the bottom of the pecking order, then I give up on Korea's tastes in boybands.

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

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May 22 11 6:24 PM

I'm super late, but I kind of love Block B. And after listening to Brian Joo's latest mini, I wish he would've promoted Wish You Were Mine.

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May 24 11 6:06 PM

There is still no word on VNT...

And I assume their label wont even bother releasing any statements since their now focus on N-Town (or whatever the name of that new band is) its so unfair I really had high hopes for those girls...

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Posts: 535 Genie For Your Wish

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May 24 11 11:20 PM

^VNT broke up in April.

Just a month ago, VNT member Lil J revealed that she’d be leaving the group. A reason for her sudden actions wasn’t revealed, but a tweet she put up right before changing her account name made sure that she wasn’t planning on returning to the group, or more likely, the company.

“They made us like nothing. But, Whatever I’ll go my own way. I’ll do my best. And thanks for your cheer.”

Soon after her tweet, Lil J removed her VNT and Lil J folders from her Cyworld and changed this account to her real name, Park Jirang, as well.

In the meantime Media Line, the company behind VNT, was busy preparing for N-Train’s debut. This group consists of boys who were previously back-up dancers for VNT and 2 extra members who’d been in other Kpop groups before. Their debut is planned later this month.

N-Train’s fan forum MedialineSound revealed just recently that N-Train won’t be the only new band Media Line is going to come up with this year. A new girl group, by the name of Viva Girls, has already been training for their debut. One of its members was revealed to be VNT’s Yumi.

With this news a possible VNT comeback and member change won’t be happening. Instead Media Line chose to debut another group under another name. VNT debuted late last year, in November, with the song “

source: allkpop.

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Posts: 136 ~安室ちゃん~

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May 25 11 3:12 AM

Woo hyuk Comeback!! My reaction was like Yaycoolstorybro20e16166be438c97c47d5d93eea966977252c239_r3f1268864eb694bb8b9948c131757f941a97c5a3_r

Then I see the music video and first impressions:
He's... singing??
It's soo pop-py...

I want my angry rap king back... C28268d64cb614f8844920c1b302440aff8ddd1f_r

Have to go listen to the rest of the album and see what's in it...

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May 25 11 9:21 AM

Thanks feelmymind! I had no idea that that was happening!

Too bad Yumi and Tina wont be continuing on in VNT, they both had potential together, all they really needed was a new rapper.

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