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Jan 28 12 10:51 AM

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Hey everyone.
To get this subforum a little bit more active, why doesn't everyone state their favorite anisinger/song/single/whatever. Please don't forget to mention "why" please

Here is my favorite ani-singer(s) (I have too many but to name a few):
1. Nana Mizuki-
I have been a fan of her since 2008 when she released "Trickster". Her vocals are one of the best, so powerful and her music is so deep and dark (like PHANTOM MINDS and Eternal Blaze) and she also has a variety of music to choose from. I think she is really cute and really admire her attitute in and out of her career. She brings so much life in concerts and I am still impressed on how much energy she has in such a small body lol

2. Maaya Sakamoto-
I find her voice and songs to be rather relaxing but she does have her upbeat songs like Magic Number and Buddy which I enjoy. She has been working really hard for more than 15 years in the entertainment industry and I was so happy when se got her first #1 album on Oricon, something well deserved for all those years.

3. Minami Kuribayashi-
I seriously wished she was more popular than she is at the moment. Even though I don't consider her voice to be perfect, she definitely makes some pretty damn good songs like in original album "miracle fruit". I really think they need to promote her a lot better because you can't let this great talent go to waste!

4. Ayahi Takgaki-
I fell in love with her when she released "Hikari no Filament". I never really paid much attention to sphere or the members until Ayahi realeased this single. I also really enjoy Kimi ga Iru Basho and I'm really excited for Meteor Light. She also surprises me with her strong opera voice in such small body figure lmao

Other great ani-singers- Yui Horie, eufonius, ELISA, Eri Kitamura, sphere (Aki Toyasaki, Minako Kotobuki, Haruka Tomatsu), May'n, Megumi Nakajima, Minori Chihara

Favorite Anisongs (can be favorite anisinger song or it can be by non anisingers too)
1. PHANTOM MINDS - Nana Mizuki
2. Hikari no Filament - Ayahi Takagaki
3. PRESENTER - Yui Horie
4. RAY OF LIGHT - Shoko Nakagawa
5. Hashiru - Maaya Sakamoto
6. Fairy Tune - Minori Chihara
7. Junketsu Paradox - Nana Mizuki
8. Houkago Overflow - Megumi Nakajima
9. fantastic arrow - Minami Kuribayashi
10. Take off - 2PM smiley: alien
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Jan 28 12 11:51 PM

Nana Mizuki
I'm very glad she is becoming recognized for her talents and vocal ability. I liked her song "Innocent Starter" but most of her singles are fairly solid pop / rock singles. Also give her props for shining light on a hugely uncommon community to Oricon. 

Nakagawa Shoko
Oh my god don't get me started. But she's awesome. Her pop music is pretty okay too. Though most Shoko music is pretty anime standard, it's something to appreciate.

Favorite Ani-songs:
Namie Amuro - Fight Together (One Piece)
DBSK - Share the world (One Piece)
Nana Mizuki - Discotheqe (Vampire) (dammit now I know why I need to by Museum 2)
Nana Mizuki - Dancing on the velvet moon
Nami Tamaki - Reason
Nami Tamaki - Believe
Chemistry - Wings of Words

I'll add more later~

(Does Ani-Games count?)

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#2 post_url

Jan 30 12 10:32 PM

Yeah sure why not, Ani-games count
I'll change mine
1. Utada Hikaru - Passion / Simple and Clean / Beautiful World
2. PHANTOM MINDS - Nana Mizuki
3. Hikari no Filament - Ayahi Takagaki
4. PRESENTER - Yui Horie
5. RAY OF LIGHT - Shoko Nakagawa
6. Hashiru - Maaya Sakamoto
7. Fairy Tune - Minori Chihara
8. Junketsu Paradox - Nana Mizuki
9. Houkago Overflow - Megumi Nakajima
10. fantastic arrow - Minami Kuribayashi
11. Take off - 2PM

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