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Aug 28 13 10:43 AM

I like it. I don't think that its the song that will make them popular in SK, but it's a good song.

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Aug 28 13 8:33 PM

Exactly when are they planning to release the title track? It has to be in the next couple of days because they're
set to preform on this week's music shows minus Mnet.

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Oct 15 13 4:30 PM

I'm so glad that out of Spica, Bohyung got a solo first. I think Boa is already promoted around, but people don't really know about how good Bohyung is.

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Oct 15 13 11:11 PM

I just gotta show some love for this group.  Fell in love with tonight.  It's just so refreshing to find a group where every member has a great voice; this group is just a vocal powerhouse.  

Obsessed with the blonde chick with the amazing raspy voice.  

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Jan 27 14 7:05 PM

^LOL first thing I thought was Hyori would sound great on this.

But that aside, I do like his way better than the past two releases. They carry the concept and the song so well. Much more of a complement to their natural style and ability.

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