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Sep 12 16 10:11 AM

New single 'Dear Diary / Fighter' 2016.10.26 on sale!

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Sep 12 16 2:44 PM

NelsMe wrote:
Osiris wrote:
Those physical sales don't mean much. What matters is that both Mint and Hero were big digital hits.
uhm not as big i think so far Hero has no digital certification

Mint was certified gold
Brighter day, Tsuki & Contrail : were certified planitum

i bet Hero certification will come soon though

Hero was the most downloaded song of August on Recochoku, so yes it was a big hit. As for Mint, it was the top downloaded song for two months in a row.

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Sep 12 16 11:01 PM

Hopefully dear diary and fighter stay onto the DVD (haven't actually read if they're open / closing the film, i'm assuming ones the opening and ones the closing?) the red hot chilli pepper songs on the last two death note films got really popular in asia (and other places) after they were the ending songs

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Sep 13 16 11:41 PM

never read DeathNote manga, i enjoyed the film DN1 more than DN2, and even L-ChangeTheWorld is good. Not sure anyone on this forum watched or liked the movies. the reason why i enjoyed DN2 far less is becoz of REM and the unlikable Misa Amane, who returns in 2016-episode. This time it has 6 DeathNotes ie 6 Shinigami, i fear this will ruin the story. don't understand how can a manga character inherit DNA from someone else.... is it necessary for DNA to be inherited for characters to work?? they should not have killed Light at the end of DN2.

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Sep 14 16 1:46 AM

The two death note films are amazing, was really pleased with both of them
L Change the world is definitely my favorite out of the three though, I thought that one was amazing 
Haven't actually read what the plot is for the new movie but it's obviously a desperate case of trying to revamp a hit series like when they did a 4th indiana jones lol 


Can't believe it's been a year and tower records is still selling the silver packaged genic when they pushed it was 'special limited packaging', I wish they had the plain black background CD blu ray for sale (they have it in the photo too, just not at the actual place they're selling this crap, would've got that really nice poster with it, sob image
They know how to milk it though, i'm buying a second copy of both singles just to get the poster, smh

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Sep 14 16 9:22 PM

Amuro-chan has been chosen as the 7-Eleven "Magical Christmas" image model!!
Amuro-chan will be giving out Christmas gifts that will include an original song and poster to go along with the Christmas cake!!
Please stay tuned for more details about the "Magical Christmas" campaign!

セブン-イレブン「Magical Christmas」イメージモデルに決定しました!
「Magical Christmas」詳細をお楽しみに!


Imagine if the queen gave us another single


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Sep 14 16 11:53 PM


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Sep 15 16 6:09 PM

Does anyone know where to find these photos? I see them on insta all the time, like one different one for each date of the tour but I don't know where they're coming from (Like are they advertising poster images on ticket sites or just like... a pamphlet?) 
Really want the original pics to save on my computer, she looks amazing in those - her two tour promo outfits are really on point.

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Sep 15 16 6:47 PM

Guardian wrote:
Fighter has some _genic vibes but a little more EDM, of course. I liked it, reminds me of Fashionista <3

image Yes i though in Fashionista too....!!! And the _genic vibes are obvious, but it still sounds more powerfull and catching. Long time i did not enjoyed that much with Namie´s songs, since BlackMakeUp. I´m loving these 2 news songs for Death Note they really fit soooo great!

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