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Sep 6 16 9:30 AM

Random question about the Gacha goods:

Anyone know how many of them are those weird keychain looking things and how many of them are the circular magnets?
Was thinking about asking a shopping service I use to go for me to pick up some but gotta work out how much I need to spend to try and grab the full set :c

Hopefully they add more stuff too, wth are the posters tbh

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Sep 6 16 9:42 AM

Jfc a mobile charge WITH A MIRROR ATTACHED?! Namie bougie af
Yeah, I'm surprised there aren't any posters this go round....(hehe, Go Round...)

Based on Chrome's autotranslate, I think what it is is they're towels that come in a magnetized can? So I don't think any of them are keychains...I could be totally wrong though

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Sep 6 16 11:06 AM

Hopefully they add posters later in on the tour, don't think she's ever done a tour without them 

Just found out they're doing LP (I know hella late) for mint / hero 

They're so nice, can't wait to grab a copy of them

As for the gacha's, found out what they were, magnetized can badges and mini stands:

If the deputy service can go on the 17th, i'm gonna try and buy 50 or so of the gacha's to try and get a full set of at least the can badges- if anyone else wants to hop in to try for some, lemme know, the more people the better lol

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#1065 post_url

Sep 6 16 9:40 PM

Yeah different covers, it's nice that they put in the effort to make different covers for them

The Mint one is awesome

Edit: Also, has anyone seen pictures of inside the tour book? Gonna pick it up but it'd be nice to see what it's like inside 

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Sep 7 16 6:02 AM

If the service I use can go ima ask him to pick me up a pair at the Tokyo Forum Hall on the 17th, so if anyone else is looking for the venue limited stuff:

You're welcome to order with me.

Or there's a pair on YAJ, they're just a little more expensive:

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Sep 8 16 2:06 PM

56,800 according to Generasia. And I think Paralympics will help the song too.

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Sep 9 16 7:52 PM

TSUKI - 67,293
Grotesque - 51,111
Red Carpet - 36,319
Mint - 45,065 (still on chart)
Hero - 56,800 (still on chart)

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Sep 11 16 7:04 AM

They matter in terms of mapping out her releases, the better the physical sales are the more likely we'll get another physical single release more often and not just a digital single or nothing

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Sep 11 16 1:31 PM

This year she's much more active than all these years, this is the first year she releases 3 singles in a row since 2004.

I guess we might see a new album before the new tour finishes, maybe by the end of year.

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Sep 11 16 4:34 PM

Yep why would music industry corporations measure sales in relation to determining how releases are scheduled lol


I'd be surprised if we don't get something this year, we've had an album (or best album) for every year for god knows how long now
(Tho I can't remember if we had something in 2010)

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Sep 11 16 11:37 PM

Namie does what she wants. She could really care less how her sales are, if she wants to release something she's gonna release something. Hence why we get 1 single a year and then 3. Namies at the point in her career where everyone knows whatever she will release, it will sell. So I don't think this singles sales matter when it comes to what she has planned next.

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Sep 12 16 9:49 AM

Osiris wrote:
Those physical sales don't mean much. What matters is that both Mint and Hero were big digital hits.
uhm not as big i think so far Hero has no digital certification

Mint was certified gold
Brighter day, Tsuki & Contrail : were certified planitum

i bet Hero certification will come soon though

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