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Mar 8 13 6:20 AM

Wait, so IS this release a mini-album? Because the length is pretty much regular album I don't know why it's being labeled as a mini....?

EDIT: Whoa. Just. Whoa. So much booty in that choreography, I think SISTAR's got a run for their money. Overall, it's definitely not bad. In fact, ever since STYLE, they've been going up. Granted, I don't think this beats STYLE, but it's better than POP POP POP (in my opinion) and Masquerade. It definitely touches up on more of the skanky RaNia that we were first introduced to, since STYLE was relatively tame in that department. I do like the song though, it's quite catchy.

Although...where the hell did all of the story scenes go. Because there was NOTHING IN THAT VIDEO.

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Mar 8 13 10:13 AM

The music video would be great as a "Part One" and possibly "Part Two" can be the music video for "Killer" (one can only hope lol) I mean, she does shoot him as we have seen in the teaser...

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Mar 9 13 4:05 AM

EDIT: The album actually flows really well as a whole. I feel like they should've released the songs either as digital singles closer to each other or waited till the whole album was done and released it as it is now. The only thing I absolutely hate is the new cut of DR Feel Good. The Korean version was already shorter than the English version (which was perfect length in my opinion), but the new cut just sounds so awkward...

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Mar 28 13 6:50 PM

Well that came out of nowhere.

When they first came out, I wasn't too sure that I wanted them to be big, but they've been progressively getting better. I wonder how they'll fare

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Mar 31 13 1:21 PM

Did anyone notice that they changed the choreography? They get to keep the outifts without covering it up but with the choreography changes.
Now the outfits don't work. They might as well be in regular street clothes. I hope for their US advancement they get rid of that.

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Mar 31 13 3:47 PM

I hate that new choreography, it looks like such a hot ass mess, like they are trying too hard to show their dance talent. I really hate that part when they hit their head while going down, looks so stupid.

I dont know, I really do love this song but its not very addictive to me, I have barely listened to it at all. Maybe its the way the verses/middle part are...

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Apr 2 13 7:55 AM

As announced previously, RaNia will be kicking off their U.S. promotions this summer and are already starting to grab interest with the announcement of their upcoming collaborations with Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz!

Not only will RaNia be teaming up with the hip hop superstars, RaNia will be the first Korean artists to have their own 12-episode reality show ‘Road to Fame’ which will air on MTV probably sometime around October.

Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz will be collaborating with the girls on different songs that will be used as the background music for their MTV series, and the process will be all documented through the reality show as well. In addition, the new songs will be remixed by popular DJs and spread around clubs and radio stations.

DR Music stated, “Starting May 21st, RaNia will begin filming for their MTV reality show ‘Road to Fame’ in LA, San Diego, and other cities across the U.S. The show will feature the group’s preparations for their U.S. debut and will air for three months… As we worked with notable artists in the American music industry, there has been good word-of mouth spreading about us. Through the growing popularity of K-pop through YouTube and more, we were also able to cross paths with acquaintances we never expected to work with before.”

RaNia shared, “We are definitely looking forward to the results. The most important thing we can do now is to do our best to prepare [for our U.S. venture].”

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Apr 2 13 9:40 AM

I think they could make it, I mean they seem to be doing the right thing that not many others have attempted. I have no idea who 2 Chainz is though but what a terrible name.

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Apr 2 13 11:44 PM

^It's possible. They do have articles on MTV IGGY.

It's like they are setting them up to be the new Pussycat Dolls or something.

mitsuhoney wrote:
I think they could make it, I mean they seem to be doing the right thing that not many others have attempted. I have no idea who 2 Chainz is though but what a terrible name.

He was originally Tity Boi. So 2 Chainz is actually a step up. He is the featuring rapper in Nicki Minaj's Beez in the Trap. I've heard him in other tracks but that's the most recognizable to me.

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Jul 5 13 12:18 AM

RaNia UP

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