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Feb 22 13 8:20 PM

mitsuhoney wrote:
Yeah I knew it was too good to be true. Their label is the worst with dates...
Clearly you haven't met YG and 2NE1...

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Mar 2 13 11:09 PM

라니아 음원공개 및 컴백일정


이제 추운 겨울이 지나고 봄이 다가오고 있습니다.

많은 A-first팬 여러분이 응원해주신 덕분에 라니아는 3월8일날 음원을 공개하게 되었습니다.!!!

그리고 컴백 방송사는 의상 심의 문제로 의논중이며 확정이 되는 즉시 말씀 드리겠습니다.

그전에 티져영상,사진을 그주간에 공개를 하겠습니다.

라니아 유튜브 채널에도 많은 관심 부탁드립니다.^^

그럼 환절기에 감기 조심하시길 바랍니다.


Basically, it says RaNia's comeback is the 8th, and the MV teaser & photos will be released the before it.

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Mar 3 13 2:02 AM

Yeah they pulled this same card last time...I highly doubt they would comeback in such a short amount of time with this announcement...I will believe it when I see it...

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Mar 4 13 2:18 PM

^^ I hear ya.

Posted on RaNian Central:

Title: [[Notice]] Sorry! We are announcing the modified news from our meeting this morning.

There was a slight change in schedule as there were problems with publishing teasers onto the Naver homepage and the Melon page.

Teaser video will be released on Wednesday!!

Teaser photos will be released on Thursday!!

The album will still be released on the 8th as previously announced.

The comeback will be on Music Bank. RaNia will perform on both Music Core on the 9th and Inkigayo on the 10th.

We apologize for the sudden schedule change.

Title: [[공지]] 죄송합니다! 지금 새벽에 미팅결과 수정내용 말씀드립니다.

저희가 네이버와 메인화면 게시문제,멜론과 동시 티져영상 오픈문제로

일정이 조금 바뀌었습니다.

티져영상은 수요일 공개이구요!!

티져사진은 목요일 공개입니다!!

음원공개는 그대로 8일 입니다.

컴백은 뮤직뱅크입니다. 9일 음악중심 스케줄과 10일 인기가요도 모두 라니아 출연합니다.

갑자기 스케줄 변동되어서 죄송합니다.

Source: Rania Official Fan Cafe

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Mar 4 13 2:52 PM

OK, so lets see this is Announcement #1. If they actually go on ahead with their releases in time this time I will be very glad...

I dont get that people seemed to have "forgotten" we were promised a mini album with "Killer" in it (both Korean and English version) and yet all we got was "Style"...this still pisses me off to this day...

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Mar 4 13 5:51 PM

I am going to be so angry if they give us another digital single...

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Mar 4 13 10:36 PM

LoL. I knew it. Can't upload pics to Naver? Hahahahahaha.

The next delay will be to further ~upgrade the quality~ of either the song, MV, teasers or pics.

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Mar 4 13 11:03 PM

I know what kind of excuse is "We cant upload photos to Naver"? How old are you? 5? The stupidest excuses, looking forward to seeing more pile up...

"We were planning to upload the teaser photo and video, but Di was wearing different colored mascara so we have to do a complete re shoot of the photo and video"

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Mar 5 13 1:32 PM

i don't care if they end releasing only a digital single if it's as great prectect awesome and vcvormhweg as STYLE ♥
i'm still jaming at it xD

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Mar 5 13 10:14 PM

Ugh Riko is the only good singer other than Jooyi though... at least they've got Jooyi back!

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