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Sep 10 14 8:09 PM

It's good~

The compression of the YT format makes the neon light scenes look like 360p though. This happened with 2PMs new MV too...

Ver. 2

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Sep 11 14 7:22 PM

Version 3

I like this version a bit more than the Big Room version. Just a bit because everything sounds exactly the same.

EXID's LE sings some of the parts of this song apparently. The intro, some Hyomin's and Jiyeon's parts , and the background vocals.

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Sep 13 14 7:44 PM

T-ara is going to release a remix album with 13 remixes of Sugar-free including an English version.
Coming Sept 15th, the remixes will be produced by various DJs such as Ferry, Beatrappa, Dion,
Jeffrey Choi, DJ Big Bounce x DJ OneTwo and The Monster Factory.

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Sep 25 14 8:08 PM

Wow someone has no life its an EDM song so it makes sense to have a lot of cuts and transitions lol although I am amazed the longest shot was 1.68 seconds...

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Sep 25 14 10:36 PM

Epilepsy fest \o/

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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

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Mar 26 15 11:11 PM

Eunjung is the next member to have a solo release:

On March 27th, T-ARA’s Eunjung announced that she will be the next member of the girl group to be making a solo debut.

The artist will be the third T-ARA member to be making a solo debut, following the footsteps of Hyomin and Jiyeon who both enjoyed successful promotions for their respective releases. Eunjung is set to bring a concept that is quite different from the other two’s.

Her title track “I’m More Comfortable Alone” was produced by Duble Sidekick and it describes a couple who has started to feel bored with their relationship. It is reported that she is planning a very special stage performance to go with the song.

Specified dates and concepts will be released in the coming future and she is busy with national and international schedules as well as preparing to debut as a solo artist.

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Jul 26 15 10:24 PM

Comeback on Aug 3rd. Same as the Wonder Girls.

This is a Brave Bros track.  The girls have been blowing up in China so a Shinsadong song will be released for them next.

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Aug 4 15 10:34 AM

The song sucks. Flop.... They wish they had good music like AOA.

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