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Mar 8 14 6:22 AM

^ I wonder why LA'booN wasn't chosen as the song that would get a music video. They could have gone all Arabian-theme doing belly-dance or some other stereotype, but added to the fact that the song is really catchy that could have been a great music video to promote the single, not just in Japan but also towards international fans who use to like catchy songs way better than cute-boring songs, lol.
I wish Qri would take some English lessons though, because besides being the weakest singer in the group by far her English sounds terrible... I mean, is anybody actually hearing "magic comes" in LA'booN? Because it just sounded like "Magikarp" until I read the lyrics, haha.

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Mar 10 14 12:27 AM

Hyomin and Jiyeon are going solo soon. Either at the same time in April or separately
with Jiyeon in April and Hyomin in May. Jiyeon has a song by Duble Sidekick and will
debut with a style similar to Sunmi. Hyomin has a song by Brave Bros. and will debut
with a opposite style.


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Apr 5 14 8:10 PM

she's barefoot i guess she going to totally rip-off gain's and sunmi's style omggg!!1!!!one1!11!
(im joking xDD)

edit: omg now i just read the previous post where they say that shes going similar to sunmi omg im dead smiley: laughsmiley: laughsmiley: laugh

i couldnt finish to listen to that remix omg

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Apr 6 14 2:36 AM

That remix is horrible, they need to stop the idea of an american debut with this kind of music.

And no Jiyeon, if you have a similar style you are going to get more hate

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Apr 6 14 9:32 AM

Glad to hear Jiyeon will have a solo (she is my second favorite member!) but not too keen on the similarities with Sunmi and Ga-in, but it should be interesting regardless

That remix was horrible, what was even the whole point in adding the bits where T-ara N4 sing? It was all about the rappers and not about the girls, I really hope that they are not seriously considering debuting with this catastrophe...a simple non-promoted digital release I can understand but this was just terrible...

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Apr 7 14 11:56 PM

There's a new teaser for Jiyeon.
a little bit NSFW 18+ You know the drill

1min 1sec (Time title sunmi related)

I swear I can't hear "Never Ever" at the beginning.

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Apr 29 14 8:22 PM

Jiyeon has been rescheduled for May 7th20th. FIFA kicks off in June so I guess we'll see if Hyomin debut in June or July.

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May 15 14 12:33 AM

Well, it isn't a bad album. Better than TREASURE BOX, for sure.

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May 19 14 6:59 PM

Their Japanese songs have been meh at best. Nothing from Gossip Girls really inspired me I think I'll drop T-ara from now on.

In other news, Jiyeon mini-album out!

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May 22 14 7:04 PM

I like the song. I honestly didn't expect her to go too far from her comfort zone at least not her first time.
The song and choreography is a striptease. It reminds me a bit of Ciara, who I love to pieces.

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May 23 14 9:57 AM

Sounds like something SISTAR/SISTAR19 would do. Not really impressed by it, and I don't think this style really fits Jiyeon, but nice to see she's trying something different

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May 23 14 10:12 AM

What is this witchcraft?! How did they do that "white" to "black" outfit change? Did they do seperate recordings? If so, damn, that is good editing.

I love the song and dance, very good!

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May 25 14 11:45 AM

what other songs did they produce? I actually thought Never Ever was boring and weak at first, but it's definitely a growing. I've been listening to it all day long.

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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

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May 25 14 2:07 PM

utenachan wrote:
what other songs did they produce?

MBLAQ - This is War
Miryo - Dirty
Baek Ji Young - Good Boy
SISTAR - Loving U, Give It To Me
NS Yoon-G - If You Love Me, The Reason I Became a Witch
T-Ara N4 - Countryside Diary

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May 27 14 2:34 AM

They've been the go-to producer for girl-group/solo comebacks lately. In May they produced G.Na's Pretty Lingerie, Hyosung's title track, and Mr. Chu. Maybe more, idk.

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