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Mar 5 13 3:39 PM

last year? Right now?
Bunny Style is okay, not my fav but it's kind of catchy. But I do feel like the verses have nothing in common with the cheesy chorus lol..

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Mar 10 13 9:03 AM

Damn, this is catchy as hell! Like almost every T-ARA song. I'm feeling somehow weird during the listening but that never mind, I like it

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Mar 21 13 10:20 PM

On the Japanese iTunes? Weird that Japan isn't gobbing this up with their overexplosie cuteness....

Anyways, the sub-unit songs of thissigle are shockingly very good for me.

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Apr 5 13 11:22 AM

Rural Life? Oh no, more farm-ish concepts? I had enough with 2YOON's mess...

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Apr 5 13 1:19 PM

The song was produced by Double Sidekick. I think they worked with SISTAR in the past (Loving U?). It seems they want to bring back Roly Poly's hype or something

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