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Feb 26 13 2:09 PM

Also a bit WTF when I heard that Boram is the most popular member in Japan with Areum coming last (no shock for the last part however). BORAM?!

Song wise, the verses are amazing but the chorus is POOR.

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Feb 28 13 7:39 PM

full PV aired~~

edit: I change it with the PV of the official EMI Music Japan Youtube channel cause they erased the video uploaded by the fan--
but this one despite being official is only 360p lol

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Mar 2 13 12:49 PM

The versus are ok but the chorus really kills the song for me.

Most of all I just kinda feel they should be past this kitchy cute stuff. Just really doesn't seem authentic on any of them. CCM is really killing this groups growth.

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Mar 3 13 12:50 AM

Holy shit, when they go into their head voices for the high parts of the chorus, it's literally the most awful thing I've ever heard. The harmonies are just... wrong.

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Mar 4 13 2:44 PM

Qri looks white.

I can't decide if this song is good or horrible. Also there's this annoying "Farting" sound in the song...kinda awkward when they dip it low with that sound going off.

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Mar 5 13 1:24 PM

does anyone remember when T-ara was good?

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