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Jun 28 11 5:58 PM



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Jun 29 11 12:26 PM

i'm rather disappointed with the mini-album remixes. most of them just have a remix intro then plays the original song and maybe have a tiny remix portion in between. or so i think. hahah either way. i'm happy with the new tracks

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Jun 29 11 2:09 PM

^Yeah the remixes can barely be considered remixes at all. I still like what some of them add to the song (in particular YaYaYa and 왜 이러니). Roly-Poly is pretty good, but I like 진짜 진짜 좋아해 better.

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Jun 30 11 5:25 AM

Airifan wrote:
I love the song *_*
where can I buy it?
I didn´t find it on yesasia...
I quote myself... ;_;
anyone can help me? thank you

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Jun 30 11 8:21 AM

Didn't expect to like this comeback as much as I do. Song is super catchy and the concept actutally works for them.

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Jul 1 11 8:27 AM


Edit: I listened to the full album and found that all the remixes are craptastic. I don't know why the call it remix when it's pretty much the same songs + few bits and pieces. Sad to say that the only saving grace in this EP is Roly Poly. The other song is only subpar.

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Jul 1 11 10:02 AM

I loooove Roly Poly so much, I don't know how many times I've played it so far. But seriously what's up with the remixes? Wae Ireoni was my favorite song off their last mini album and this new remix doesn't do the song any justice.

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Jul 1 11 9:53 PM

Roly Poly is catchy as hell...but the lyrics continue the stalker trend of their past songs (I go crazy because of you --> I'm really hurt --> Why are you being like this? --> Roly Poly Roly Roly Poly Even if you push me away I'm going to come back to you) smiley: indifferent

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Jul 19 11 9:11 AM

/"" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">T-ara to remake Nami’s “Round and Round” for follow-up track

T-ara will be remaking senior singer Nami’s song, “Round and Round“, for their follow-up track!

The group plans to continue their retro concept from “Roly-Poly” with this popular hit from the ’80s singer. In her time, Nami was a representative disco singer whose song, “Round and Round”, is still widely enjoyed today.

YB’s Yoon Do Hyun recently created a rock cover of the song, and performed it on MBC’s “I Am a Singer“, placing first on many music charts afterwards.

T-ara’s version of the song will be released on August 12th. In the meantime, keep your eye out for member Hyomin’s new movie ‘Gisaeng Ryung‘, as well as her historical drama, ‘Gyebaek‘.

I wonder if this is gonna be on a repackage of their "John Travolta Wanna Be" mini-album or just a digital single.

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Jul 19 11 12:25 PM

Although I'm in love with Roly-Poly and all the kind-of-cutesy concept they've been doing lately, I wish they go back to her mature image/music

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Jul 20 11 8:27 AM

totally love the song. and the dance is perfect for it!

its cute, but not overly so. it still has some maturity to it. theyve found a good balance here.

but why the hell is the mv 12:32 long? o_o

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Jul 21 11 2:24 AM

^ because it's a history? I find it really cool and awesome

there is a short version with no history anyway:

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