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Apr 14 11 4:40 AM

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IU Discussion Thread


IU is a South Korean singer and actress, known for her hit song "Good Day" and her casting in the highly popular drama, "Dream High" as "Pilsuk".

~Stage Name: IU (아이유)
~Real Name: Lee Ji Eun (이지은)
~Birthdate: May 16, 1993 (1993-05-16) (age 17)
~Blood Type: A
~Height: 162cm
~Weight: 43kg
~Hobbies: Reading
~Favorite Artists: Gummy, Ha Dong Kyun, Taeyang, Kim Tae Woo, Tamia
~Favorite Actors: Kang Ji Hwan, Jung Tae Yang, Han Ji Min


~Full Length Albums~

-[2009/04/23] Growing Up
-[2011/11/29] Last Fantasy

~Mini Albums/Singles~

-[2008/09/23] LOST and FOUND 
-[2009/11/12] IU...IM 
-[2010/12/09] REAL 
-[2011/02/17] REAL+ (Repackage Single) 
-[2012/05/11] Spring at the Age of Twenty (Single)

~Japanese Singles~

-[2012/03/21] Good Day 
-[2012/07/18] You and I

~Digital Singles~

-[2010/01/12] Cheot Sarangijyo (첫사랑이죠; It's First Love) (Na Yoon Kwon & IU)
-[2010/02/24] Daseotjjae Songarak Telecinema Project Vol.6 (다섯째 손가락; 5th Finger)
-[2010/06/03] Jansori (잔소리; Nagging) (IU with 2AM Seulong)
-[2010/07/14] Road Number One OST Part.3 (로드넘버원)
-[2010/08/02] Sarangui Request (사랑의 리퀘스트) (IU & Yu Seung Ho)
-[2010/09/28] Geudaeneyo (그대네요) (Sung Si Kyung & IU)
-[2011/01/29] Alicia OST (앨리샤)

~Collaboration/Other Songs~

-[2009/06/02] 2009 Alien Baseball Team OST (#3 Geureoneun Geudaeneun)
-[2009/07/02] Bizniz - Suga Luv (feat. IU)
-[2009/07/16] Suho - DayZ (#1 Wolhwasumok Geumtoir (feat. IU))
-[2009/08/06] Mighty Mouth - LOVE CLASS (#1 Huimangsahang (feat. IU))
-[2009/09/03] 3 of the Eye - 3 of the Eye Part III (#1 247 (feat IU))
-[2009/09/14] Queen Seon Duk OST (#7 Araro)
-[2009/10/16] Run - Face-Off (#2 Geudaeneun Yeppeoyo (feat. IU))
-[2009/12/03] Paradise OST (#1 Danny Boy)
-[2010/10/15] Let's go!
-[2010/11/05] Road for Hope (#1 Seonmul, #3 Sarangui Request (IU & Yu Seung Ho))
-[2011/01/03] Dream High OST Part.1 (#2 Someday)
-[2011/01/20] Seungri - V.V.I.P (#5 I KNOW (With IU))


-Dream High (Lead Cast) [2011/01/03 - 2011/02/28]

~Television Shows~


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#2 post_url

Jun 18 11 3:42 PM

IU Planning for Full Album Release in September

My new album will be a full-length album. It may take a while because I’m planning to include some of my own songs. I think I will be able to meet with you all with a new album in September.


#3 post_url

Jun 30 11 3:00 PM

hey guys

i recently did an album reveal of the REAL album
so check it out if you want to see if its worth getting!

I got the limited edition too !



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#4 post_url

Aug 26 11 7:53 PM

IU will be returning with a full length album on OCTOBER!!

IU will make her comeback this fall with a full album.

Loen Entertainment representative revealed, “IU is currently busy recording with plans to release her album in October. She is working hard because it’s an important album for her.

IU will have some stiff competition as later this year, KARA and SNSD will also be making their respective comebacks in September and October.

IU is working with famous musicians for her new album, and with her overwhelming ”Good Day“ success, expectations are higher than ever. Previously, singer/producer Lee Juk tweeted, “I’m working on a song for IU’s full album,” and announced his involvement in IU’s upcoming album.

Loen Entertainment commented, “We can’t reveal everyone yet, but there are many famous musicians, other than Lee Juk, who are working on IU’s album.



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#5 post_url

Aug 26 11 8:27 PM

wow that package is really awesome! well, all kpop packages are, but this one is so much better lol

can't wait for IU full album! <333



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#6 post_url

Aug 26 11 9:07 PM

Sad that her comeback is quite tough as there's a lot of competition at around October



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#10 post_url

Oct 25 11 6:53 AM

Maybe it's the Japanese edition of her new album in due for November? This was unexpected

#11 post_url

Oct 25 11 7:18 AM

so the full album will be called IU, cant wait for it.. and it looks like Toshiba EMI will be her label in Japan..

and that's most likely the japan release of her Korean album

#12 post_url

Oct 30 11 5:55 PM

wow this is interesting, i cant wait for her comeback, shes a really talented girl hope to see her one day on music station in japan

#13 post_url

Nov 16 11 5:58 AM


1. Good Day〈좋은 날〉
2. コ・ゴ・ト (with 2AM Seulong<スロン>)〈잔소리〉
3. Rain Drop
4. Lost Child〈미아〉
5. 私だけ知らない〈나만 몰랐던 이야기〉
6. Last Fantasy(※最速収録新曲!)Bonus Track

「I with U –The Story of IU - 」 

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#15 post_url

Nov 16 11 10:29 AM

So the title is "I□U" ? F6c2644685b854938fd9edcf70ab67ce9a48e93e_r
I guess it's supposed to be a square where you can write anything you want ? Quite interesting.

And I love the cover, she looks amazing !

#16 post_url

Nov 16 11 10:49 AM

seems it's called a pre-debut album, and all songs will be in their original versions (which probably means Korean..) what a waste lol
Oh and it's a limited pressing, so I guess they'll release something else later

#18 post_url

Nov 19 11 1:00 AM

Looking forward to the comeback.

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