Nov 15 11 11:31 PM

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Hey JPC Folks, i'll make this simple.

Please Do not post hotlink images or information missing sources.smiley: mad

It is cool for you all to contribute to threads and discussion but it is simple internet etiquette to avoid these practices.

Hotlinked images are simply posting images from website URL's or such that are not yours. Use image uploading sites such as Imageshack, Photobucket that are virtually free to use!Hell you even got Jpopcentral Account that has image space for you to use so use it!smiley: smile

Source information when attempting to post information for an artists. For example an announcement or statements such as sales or news. It makes your post not creditable/reliable and is junk. So when quoting someplace, just like school, source them or offer the original link.

If you repeatedly or intentionally break this rule i'll see to it that your account will be punished. Either by ban or restricted privileges.

Any questions send it via PM to any staff or Q&A thread.

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