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Sep 14 12 2:46 PM

^ I want a rerecorded "Beni"! Imagine her vocals now on "Here Alone" - still her best song ever.

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Sep 14 12 7:02 PM

GaBuPowa wrote:
^ I want a rerecorded "Beni"! Imagine her vocals now on "Here Alone" - still her best song ever.

I think that'd be quite nice. While I do LOVE the new Beni so much more, I enjoyed that her old sound wasn't as repetitive (as seen in "Beni" and "Gem").

Perhaps she just needs a new album where she works with Hirofumi Asamoto again. He was responsible for some of her best avex songs (Here Alone, Miracle, Breakout, Silhouette, Gems, Step, Always, Heart 2 Heart, Koi Meguri). I think an album with tracks like that, along side her newer sound, with her current vocals would be really amazing.

I can only listen to so many DI songs, without getting bored.
He makes really strong material, but then it all starts to sound similar (to itself...and to its western counterparts) smiley: tongue

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Sep 14 12 7:15 PM

I feel the need to lay out D.I's song arranging... lol

Okay, so lets say the song is called "Gotta Let You Go"

so the bell thingys in the music will start and then the synths start.

Then the music for the chorus will start but it will only sing "Gotta let you gooo" like 3 times

Then the first verse

Then the chorus will be the same as the first one but will have the full chorus including the "Gotta let you go" 's

Then the second verse
and then maybe a little pause before the second chorus

Second chorus starts

Then the bridge, he'll change up the music a little and it will die down a little as whoever is singing sings.

Then he'll set you up for a dramatic segue into the chorus, but it will just be a regular chorus

And then there's the part, as in BENI songs, where she just "oohs" and "ahhs" and makes it sound all R&B like.

Then it ends. Either fades out or ends on the bell thingys again.


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Sep 14 12 8:53 PM

GaBuPowa wrote:
^ I want a rerecorded "Beni"! Imagine her vocals now on "Here Alone" - still her best song ever.
I don't see it happening since her management do their best to erase her avex past.

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Sep 15 12 9:02 AM

^ that would imply that somebody actually bought it lol. I'm collecting all of her cds and I didn't even bother. So I guess I won't be the only one..

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Sep 16 12 2:39 PM

I brought the Deluxe version. Don't have it yet. Yesasia only dispatched on the 14th. But will upload if they don't appear by the time mine arrives. 

I was hoping someone would upload the J-Melo show :-(

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Sep 17 12 5:48 AM

Will the deluxe version of "COVERS" chart separately?

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Sep 17 12 7:16 AM

I don't think so, I remember they counted Girls' Generation Repackage and the original album both at the same time.

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Sep 17 12 12:16 PM

COVERS 2 will be out in CD and CD+DVD editions:


収录予定曲:歌うたいのバラッド(斉藤和义)、I LOVE YOU(尾崎豊)、クリスマス·イブ(山下达郎)、白い恋人たち(桑田佳佑)、Squall(福山雅治)、楽园(平井坚)ほか全13曲前后予定。


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Sep 17 12 2:02 PM

^Almost everybody already covered it, I think the best version is Mika Nakashima's one. She could cover Ken Hirai's Strawberry Sex, it could be interesting lol

#1915 post_url

Sep 17 12 2:34 PM

I know, that's why I'm happy about it lol. I adore any covers of this song so I'm sure I'll like BENI's version
Oh and I only noticed 楽园 wow I'm curious to hear that

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Sep 18 12 10:29 AM

23 for the week, COVERS is now at 190,157

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