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Jan 17 12 8:46 PM

Her upper lip looks funny in the new album cover! Not to mention the editing people didn't do a good job editing the weird discoloration on one of her bottom teeth. I still think the original edition (not the 2 preorder editions) is the best overall... not only is the cover beautiful but the other photos are hot! They're in elva's Tieba Baidu page if you're interested in seeing the album booklets for the 3 existing editions.

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Jan 18 12 7:42 AM

onenightmagic wrote:
^Unfortunately that's the only new song that's gonna be on the re-release

FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU would be appropriate for this comment

Girl ain't getting me to part with my money with this cheap re-release, not with this mediocre new song. UGH ELVA now you forced me to wait for Jolin's offering!

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Jan 18 12 8:41 PM

Cellac wrote:
FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU would be appropriate for this comment

Girl ain't getting me to part with my money with this cheap re-release, not with this mediocre new song. UGH ELVA now you forced me to wait for Jolin's offering!
Haha there's also a new album booklet and a DVD containing her 4 part mini-movie "Perfect Kiss"... 2 out of the 4 parts are already out on YT... it's basically Elva living out her love life haha.

I have a feeling there's going to be another re-release after, containing a DVD of the album's MVs...

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Jan 18 12 11:02 PM

^Wow sounds horrific lawl. Still not getting it. The PVs maybe but some random film.. Maybe not. Come on Elva I'm NOT ready for this!

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Aug 22 12 8:09 PM

She just released her new MV called Zuì jiā tīngzhòng (最佳聽眾) featuring Han Geng (Super Junior's former member)

She's gonna release a DVD of her live tour WOW3 on August 24th.


SONG 01:明天
SONG 02:閃閃惹人愛
SONG 03:代言人
SONG 05:一個人的精彩
SONG 06:More More More
SONG 07:我愛你那麼多
SONG 08:衝動
SONG 09:我陪你哭
SONG 10:突然想起你
SONG 11:下一次戀愛
SONG 12:Sexy Back (reprise de Justin Timberlake)
SONG 13:倒數
SONG 14:愛的五次方 組曲 / 沒有人+地下鐵+窗外的天氣+問自己+吻
SONG 15: 薔薇
SONG 16: 鑽石糖

DVD 2 WOW !!
SONG 17:鑽石閃閃愛 組曲 / Honey Honey Honey+因為你+Cappuccino+甩啦甩啦
SONG 18:獻給最愛的妳 組曲 / 我要的世界+最熟悉的陌生人
SONG 20:表白
SONG 21:And I Know
SONG 22:不愛‧請閃開
SONG 23:愛的主打歌

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Aug 23 12 5:18 AM

I like the Han Geng song but the concert is a little disappointing. I would have preferred them to record a new concert with songs from her latest album, not release one from 2 years ago. They could have just recorded a special 'I'm Ready' showcase concert and had it as a bonus DVD to at least make it more up to date. Even so, it will still be nice to have a high quality live concert on DVD so it's better than nothing.

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Nov 26 12 1:41 PM

ELVA HSIAO new Best-of 『愛.無畏』 12月7日 Release.
first title song 愛無畏Super Girl


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Nov 27 12 2:43 PM

Super excited for this. Can't wait for the new songs! If the tracklisting is good I'll buy it. Her albums are usually have too much filler for me so a best is perfect.

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Dec 5 12 4:42 AM

If You SeeKumi wrote:
Why don't have any of the covers yet or the song if the best is out in 2 days? :/
Because Rich got confused...
December 7th is the day preorders will start, the actual release date is December 21st.

The best will contain 6 unreleased songs, but we already have one, it's her feat with Han Geng, they're counting it as one of the unreleased songs.
The official English title for this best is "Love, No Fear".
A 36 page photobook, 10 "love coaching" advices (if I understood well that part) and fake eyelashes are given with this release.

More promo pics here :

SUPER GIRL 愛無畏 will be broadcast on HitFM on December 10th.

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Dec 7 12 4:29 AM

It's ok it's an understandable mistake!

CD 1
01. Super Girl 愛無畏 Super Girl (NEW)
02. 浪費 Indulge in Love (NEW)
03. 放愛情一個假 Give Love a Vacation (NEW)
04. 閃閃惹人愛 Shining Love
05. WOW! feat. 羅志祥
06. 愛不離手 Love Phone or Me
07. More More More
08. 瀟灑小姐 Miss Genuine
09. 我愛我 I'm Ready
10. 狂想.曲 Rhapsody.The Song Of Missing You
11. 速配程度 Match Degree
12. 鬆鬆 Take It Easy
13. 遺失的心跳 Missing Heartbeat
14. 受夠了 Enough is Enough
15. I'll be There
16. 不愛.請閃開 Goodbye Bye Bye
17. 鑽石糖 Diamond Candy
18. 讓愛飛起來 Let Love Fly

CD 2
01. 有愛到就好 As Long as There was Love (NEW)
02. 愛我不愛 Love Me, Love Me Not (NEW)
03. 最佳聽眾 feat. 韓庚 The Listener
04. 錯的人 Wrong Man
05. 衝動 Impulse
06. 倒數 Count Down
07. 雙面女神 Double Faced Goddess
08. 同步呼吸 Sync Breathing
09. 類似愛情 Similar to Love
10. 逞强 Can't Force Love
11. 回不去了嗎 Point of No Return
12. 餘溫 I Still Feel You
13. 玩笑 Joke
14. 愛情的微光 Ray of Love
15. 我陪你哭 Cry With You
16. 我們多久沒牽手 No Hand in Hand
17. 兩個人的寂寞 Both Lonely
18. 坦白 Confession

2 editions for this best:
BRAVE version (w/ 36 pages SUPER GIRL SUPER POWER photobook & 10 love coaching advices)

LOVE edition (w/ fake eyelashes & a demo to explain how to have "electric eyes")

CF (w/ SUPER GIRL MV preview)

SUPER GIRL 30s preview

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