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Dec 3 11 4:18 PM

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Name: 蕭亞軒 (萧亚轩) / Hsiao Ya Hsuan (Xiao Ya Xuan)
English name: Elva Hsiao
Also known as: 蕭雅之 (萧雅之) / Hsiao Ya Chih (Xiao Ya Zhi)
Profession: Singer, Actress and Model
Birthdate: 1979-Aug-24
Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan
Height: 162cm
Star sign: Virgo
Zodiac sign: Sheep
Blood Type: A
Education: John Casablanca's College, Vancouver, Canada




[1999.11.17] Elva Hsiao (首張同名專輯)
[2000.08.15] Red Rose (紅薔薇)
[2001.04.21] Tomorrow (明天)
[2002.02.11] 4U
[2002.08.30] Love's Theme Song, Kiss (愛的主打歌.吻)
[2003.05.16] In Love With Love (愛上愛)
[2003.12.30] Fifth Avenue (第五大道)
[2006.12.22] 1087
[2008.06.13] 3-Faced Elva (三面夏娃)
[2009.10.09] Diamond Candy (鑽石糖)
[2010.09.24] Miss Elva (蕭灑小姐)
[2011.12.23] I'm Ready (我爱我)


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Dec 4 11 2:05 AM


There's something about her, that always make want to listen to her despite the rather generic sound. Thanks FKari for the thread, much appreciated and I'm happy she finally has one! Jolin would need one too though

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#3 post_url

Dec 5 11 8:18 PM

Not really loving this song, very weak single for me.

Cellac: I was actually thinking to make a Jolin thread very soon! Ill get to work on it as soon as possible. ;)

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#6 post_url

Dec 7 11 10:28 AM

^MV is good, lol at the scooter product placement - out of place even when they tried. Elva looks gorgeous throughout, to me she's like a more plastic version of BoA, in a good way of course A bit of a letdown since the previous' album PVs are quite something. But for a song like this, I think it's great. Can't wait to get my hands on this when it comes out!

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#8 post_url

Dec 9 11 11:12 PM

I have to say I'm not a fan of her raiding the closet for bathroom gown lol but both pictures look good. They're not a patch on Miss Elva covers though.

She isn't really popular here is she? Well I guess that's a stupid question since it's a J-Pop (and to lesser extent, K-Pop forum)

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Dec 12 11 7:58 AM

^That was quite good I reckon, though I have to say it isn't a hard song to sing live. Dancing was OK, the stage is probably quite small and having that much backups crowded the performance lol.

CANT WAIT FOR THE ALBUM THO Hope it won't disappoint.

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#14 post_url

Dec 19 11 8:32 AM

^LOL @ the backup dancer that is mostly on the right of her (on the screen). She looks like she about to kill some bitch. On a more serious note, that wasn't as good as the previous performance.

That other ballad song which would be on the album is good... It's this era's 錯的人 and (most likely one of) the quintessential ballad(s) in every C-Pop release.

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#16 post_url

Dec 22 11 1:47 AM

I'm not feeling this release (or what we've seen of it so far with the three songs) as much as last year's album... it feels kind of a like a step backward in terms of sound. I appreciate her willingness as a pop star to be varied in her style but it just feels really generic.

Which is disappointing given how strong Miss Elva was.

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Dec 23 11 8:55 AM

I can already tell: it's NOT a dance album 10 songs, 5 are ballads. The boring ones. The only UNIQUE track is the track 4, called 受够了. Unique jazzy-groovy melody with addicting whistling.

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#18 post_url

Dec 23 11 3:08 PM

What a shame. Earlier reports said that it would be more dance-oriented that her past albums. Personally, I've never been a fan of C-Pop ballads because I think they all sound the same. Though the non-ballad songs aren't dance-y, they're still pretty solid tracks. It's a good album, its just a typical C-Pop release. Here's the regular edition cover and the official English track list for the album:

01 - I'm Ready (我愛我)
02 - Love Phone or Me (愛不離手)
03 - Can't Force Love (逞強)
04 - Enough is Enough (受夠了)
05 - Cut You Off (剪刀嘴)
06 - Perfect Kiss (100分的吻)
07 - Point of No Return (回不去了嗎)
08 - Ray of Love (愛情的微光)
09 - I Still Feel You (餘溫)
10 - Take It Easy (鬆鬆)

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#19 post_url

Dec 23 11 3:40 PM

I like what I've heard from this album so far. Miss Elva was good but I like her going back to a more easy going sound (if you can call it that). I'm Ready and Love Phone or Me are my favourite's so far.

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#20 post_url

Dec 24 11 1:50 AM

I really hope for a re-edition in 2012 with more dance tracks.

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