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Oct 10 15 9:07 AM

So tour has ended and its now mr.children paired with other artists in some venues. It's quite a refreshing type of tour. But I bet they're dead exhausted.

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Nov 9 15 12:39 PM

^I honestly have to give that a bit of thought, since I really do like the record. Might give it another listen and then get back to you.

In other news, according to the setlist for their first show of the Two-Man tour, Mr.Children closed it out with a new song supposedly titled "Isogashii Bokura". Not sure if people are certain on the title, but the track itself is definitely new.

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Nov 10 15 9:48 PM

Very tough on the top 3 songs from Reflection

I love Waltz, Rolling Rolling, Fantasy, Fight club....dam I just love this whole album...(-;

The 2 Man live set-list is a bit surprising. My friend said it was great show and she had a good seat. She was very lucky since she is from Fukuoka.

2.掌 two three
9.I'll be
11.足音~Be Strong
13.youthful days

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Dec 8 15 2:49 PM

Anyone noticed that Oorong-Sha is blocking all Mr.Children videos on YouTube? Many of Mr.Children videos have been removed and the official channel can only be viewed from Japan...)-:

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May 11 17 1:58 AM

New single Himawari will be out on July. Vant wait to hear it. It is described as an awesome mid tempo aong.

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