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Jun 20 15 12:38 PM

Their performance on SONGS today was very good. I really think this new album is one of their best work yet.

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Jun 21 15 3:24 AM

*Will check youtube after this.

Somehow I agree with you mr.children. I have only just really following mr.children releases when houkiboshi came. Before that, I only have heard their first two best, the first two albums which made me really into them. Well around that time too that I join the old jpm forum lol.

And what I wanted to say is that during my time following them, I really think that this album is the most solid new work from em, despite whatever its selling figure is.

I even started to think that reflection is becoming one of my top three (or five) most fave album, having the like of IAWW, shifuku no oto, I love u and Q as its companion XD.

The mix flavor of sweetness (melody), emotion (kumo no ito, starting over), rock and glam (waltz, fight club), mood igniter (genchou, fantasy).. The album is paced really well. Lets say, its a Bravo for misuchiru and their studio team.

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Jun 22 15 1:36 AM

I got mine naked version at the end of last week and after having listened to it a lot during the weekend I can already easily say that it's one of their best works to date. Top 5, for sure.

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Jul 3 15 11:18 PM

this guy singing my most fave misuchiru song atm .. and done it with flying colors

Boobear-sama... if its not too much,,, translation request for kumo no ito. Im really hit by this song XD

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Jul 4 15 6:54 PM

Greetings from Japan....Mr.Children was on TV yesterday during NTV THE MUSIC DAY show which lasted the whole day. Most guests played live except Mr.Children which had a recorded interview and played Starting Over. I an't wait for the new concert to start.

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Jul 19 15 10:02 AM

Hi from Fukuoka. Had an awesome time at the concert. This was the first time for an opening for me (not including AP BANK FES) so I had no idea about the setlist or what to expect.
I will keep it short for now and try to write a longer review once I go back home.
Awesome set-list especially if you have been a fan for a long time. Very good mix of old and new songs from REFLECTION.
Simpler stage than the Reflection tour but had the runway going to the middle of the arena area and used it twice so it was great experience for people who did not have close seats to the stage.
They sounded great and got better and better at the end. I was worried that Sakurai's voice might be tired but he was on fire singing and playing the guitar.
No Kobayashi as the previous tour and SUNNY was on keyboard. I talked to someone who is close to the band and said Kobayashi still there but it was a mutual agreement that he would not be involved much and Sakurai wanted to do things by themselves now. So there are no hard feelings and he still shows up at rehearsals and concerts.
During the band introductions the second day, Sakurai said he wanted Nakagawa and Tahara to say something since they are both from this area.
Nakagawa was cool as usual but and said hi to the fans.
Tahara said Sakurai is always mean to him...(-:
Jen was funny as hell and the first day while Sakurai was drinking water, he was making faces and Sakurai almost choked...(-:
Even with all the running Sakurai was doing, Sakurai used a treadmill like walking belt during one of my favorite songs and he was walking in place...(-:
During one of the performances, they shot streamers and confetti to the crowd and I snagged couple of the shiny silver ones. I gave one to a young girl (maybe 6-7 years old) when I came back to the hotel. She was with her parent and her mom was holding a sleeping boy that looked like a year old...(-: 
There were many kids at the concert and mix of old and young crowds
at the end of the first while the band was leaving, Sakurai took what looked like a guitar pick from the stage and went back running and throw it to someone in the crowd. Someone said it was for a young fan.
I bought a shirt last year from the same brand that sakurai wears and brought it with me this year, he ended up wearing the same shirt during the encore performance..I never try to dress up like Sakurai or Japanese style in general because it is too flashy for me but that was a nice incident.
There were few surprises and nice touches in the performances.
Some of the songs and they flow of the songs was kinda similar to the reflection tour
I was a bit disappointed because they did not sing ROLLING ROLLING
They played about 27 songs and took about 3 hours and half for the whole thing including break.

I was going to post the setlist but not sure if it will be a spoiler and tried to hide it but the spolier code did not work. I can post later
or you can check it out here

This is about it for now but will report later.

Last Edited By: mrchildren Jul 19 15 10:07 AM. Edited 3 times.

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Jul 20 15 10:06 AM

Hey all! Long time no see! So amazing to see so many of you still here, still fans of this Japanese national treasure band. First of all, I adore REFLECTION. It makes my blood surge. Not a bum track among the bunch. Super jealous of those of you who get to see these songs played live in person. The band sounds reinvigorated from what I've seen and heard. 

So... I know I semi-retired from the scene but these songs deserved to be understood and felt by people that might not understand Japanese, so I started doing some translations over at The Inu. Hope you don't mind. smiley: wink

Edit: I just saw request. We'll work on Kumo no Ito next, kireilanford!

Last Edited By: UtauInu Jul 20 15 10:36 AM. Edited 2 times.

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Jul 20 15 7:15 PM

Thanks for posting your experience at fukuoka. It seems to be great, again, this time. Im so jealous of you XD.

@utauinu aka brian-san
Yay! Would be great, thanks. I feel that this song has a great lyric.

Still waiting for my drip ver to arrive. Late order but happy to be able to give a little bit of contribution.

Last Edited By: kireilanford Jul 20 15 7:19 PM. Edited 2 times.

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Jul 20 15 9:44 PM

We finished and posted "Kumo no Ito." I thought the lyrics were quite beautiful, yes. 

If anyone has any requests, just let me know! Here or on Twitter. Glad to help. 

Last Edited By: UtauInu Jul 20 15 11:12 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Jul 21 15 10:57 PM

UtauInu wrote:
We finished and posted "Kumo no Ito." I thought the lyrics were quite beautiful, yes. 

If anyone has any requests, just let me know! Here or on Twitter. Glad to help. 

Awesome job. Again, thanks for all your hard work on this.
I tried to bribe my son to translate the songs but said it is too complicated and he is not very interested unless it is a manga song...(-:

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Jul 23 15 8:05 AM

Are any of you in New York? Because we should totally have a Mr. Children Karaoke bash at some point. I want to sing every song on this album (or hear other people sing them!)

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Jul 24 15 7:50 AM

Little hope for mr.children new songs on karaoke here in my country (indonesia). Sadly.... as I found here, well only one month from release though. The song list have been the same for as long as I can remember.

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Jul 25 15 8:08 PM

Wow thanks for the report mrchildren! I have no doubt that all of you had an awesome time! Were your kids with you at the concert? If not I wonder when you will take them with you for this amazing experience. Looking forward to your detailed report if you have time to write it. =)

Thanks for the lyrics translations UtauInu! There are a couple of posters here that I know live in the US, not sure if they are in New York though. I am in Toronto myself. =)

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Jul 26 15 11:12 PM

@UtauInu I'm on the west coast, San Francisco. You will mob the floors with me if we go to Karaoke. I really suck at it but enjoy the experience. If I'm in NY, I will let you know and maybe we can hang out.

@kenshiro I have one son who is in his early teens days and he is not interested in Mr.Children much. He signs some songs with his friends here when they go to Karaoke. He likes Arashi a bit and of course anime songs. My wife finally joined me for her first Mr.Children live. Physically, she can't do it but since it was in a dome and we were in an area where she dose not have to stand much, she came and she had a good time.

Osaka was fun too. They sang the same songs as Fukouka. The stadium was packed and there were fans from infants to very old. First day I got a seat very close to the stage and I had no idea it would be that close so that was soooooo much fun. The 2nd day was soooooo far from the stage. It is a different experience altogether but fun non the less.
Sakurai was full of energy and on the first day he stumbled to the ground twice while jumping from the rails...(-;

After Hiroshima, I will write a detailed report about the songs as well.

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Aug 7 15 7:32 AM

So happy too see you again utauinu, sorry for the quote in twitter but this people really miss you, like the spanglish said "te misseamos" xD

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