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Jun 4 15 4:43 PM

I've reading the thread as always (usually as a ninja member).

The tie-in with Mamoru Hosoda was shocking for me, good song as well and Hosoda is really good making nice endings for his movies, so surely i will cry with the ending of that movie.

Well, see you later.

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Jun 4 15 5:45 PM

dso wrote:
Full concert is up on JPS wink.gif 3 hours of live broadcast in glorious quality. Apparently it was broadcasted in 4K in another channel too.

I don't have access to JPS...)-:
Yep, Skyperfect has 4k option as well which is getting popular now in Japan.
If anyone has it and can share, please let me know...(-:

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Jun 4 15 5:51 PM

If you do share it via either of those, I'd be interested as well, since I really... quite dislike torrents for various personal reasons. Would love to see the concert though. :P

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Jun 4 15 11:14 PM

I'm waiting for my copy to arrive too. I have only been able to find the Drip version and am listening to it online right now. There are a few tracks that I like after the first time listening to it.
I have an account at JPS but I don't download torrents anymore. I also dislike torrents for some reason lol.
Does anyone know where I can find the non-torrent version of Naked for sampling? It's going to be a few days before I'll get my copy, sigh.

After seeing the first day sales, I'm guessing the first week will sell somewhere in the 300k-400k range.

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Jun 5 15 9:52 AM

Welcome back Coollala. How have you been?

Thank you for sharing the link. My frined was telling me about the "Secret" tracks but I had no idea it was available online.

Kobayashi is credited for producing and playing on many songs. and one track arranged by toshiyuki mori.

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Jun 5 15 11:50 AM

I've been waiting to hear the album before I venture over to the Demos, though the temptation has been strong since I found out that they're online.

In other news! Mr.Children will be on Music Station next week on June 12th and will likely be closing the show by performing "Mikan"!


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Jun 5 15 2:29 PM

Thanks collala,,, and welcome back,,
and the demo tracks are awesome,, now we know sakurai's blabbering during 1st demo..
im impressed in machi no fuukei,, guitar sounds pleasing and welcoming.
tooku e to sounds good too.

About the album itself, kumo no ito is something else... i got the shiver everytime listening to it, being the piano fan i am. starting over as the songs everyone would like (i think),, and fantasy in full sounds wonderful, guitar riff is catchy and so in style, tahara nails it.
full song of wasurenu hito is not as magical as i thought it would be, but its still really good, its just that the chorus is almost the only part that is having the highlight/ amazement... among the few number of slow songs, kumo no ito edge it, to me.... even winning the whole album. mikan, fight club, genchou perfectly complete the album. and like sakurai said, and shinka-ron is certainly a lullaby lol. Still need time for waltz, its a progressive type rock, so need patience lol.

So many top songs in this album, i mean the percentage of songs i find "great" is bigger if compared to sense and aibo. and i rate most mr.children songs as "okay- 7.0-7.5", "good- 8.0", "great- 8.5", and "ultimate/legend- 9.0" (exceptionals such as hero, not found, sign, shirushi, na mo naki uta, tomorrow never knows and kuchibue).

So far i place Reflection as a more satisfying album than sense and aibo, and could even edge supermarket fantasy, about as good as home, only in different taste. I think Reflection is a rock album just like discovery and shinkai.

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Jun 5 15 6:49 PM

So I just got my album... it's the CD+DVD+USB one... geez, that prism is tiny as heck. For some reason I thought it would be bigger... but that would naturally make no sense since it's a USB. The photobook that was included is nice though and I feel like I've seen some of those pictures somewhere before. My CD/DVD player is broken so I have no way to play either of those items. However with that said, I am listening to the USB (glad to have it otherwise my only option would be to listen to the CD in my car). and so far it's all right. Not as bad as I thought it would be, though I'm only on the first song as I write this.

Perhaps if I have time or remember I'll make a follow up comment about what I thought about the album as a whole.

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Jun 6 15 8:58 AM

I love then a new album comes, some of the old dinosaurs of the thread goes to the life again. xD

btw i LOVED the new album and the band with SUNNY sounds so well.

FIGHT CLUB it's my favourite one

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Jun 8 15 10:11 PM

Got my copy of Reflection today!
355k first week is alright. Is there any way to find out the number of Naked vs Drip?

Good to see you around coollala!

Someone please start the album review. =)

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Jun 9 15 7:06 AM

Maybe WALTZ it's the best song of them for this decade. Maybe. (and it's funny i can imagine being covered by bands like Syrup16g, [alexandros], 9mm so easily xDD)

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Jun 11 15 11:04 PM

Kumo no Ito was my favourite track of the album for little awhile, but after watching the opening of the Reflection Tour, wow, it has to be fantasy.

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Jun 12 15 9:23 AM

Just watched them perform Mikan on Music Station. They have not lost their Magic.
Again, if anyone download the concert and don't mind to share, please PM me...(-:

I will post a quick review about the new album this weekend

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Jun 13 15 4:47 PM

Here is a quick and dirty review, sorry for the typos and errors, don't have much time...

I bought the deluxe package of this release and was impressed with the package and amount of content in there including the DVD which is great and gives you inside look at the making of the album.

I have listened to the whole album 3-5 times so far

Let me start by saying that I LOVE this album. It is one of their best works in a while. You can see that they paid great attention to all details and it shows. You can hear great guitar work by Tahara and Sakurai in this album, you notice the complex beats by Jen and even the bass sound is prominent and can be felt in all songs. It is evident Sakurai put his heart and soul in making this album. I’m not sure if this is his competitive side was out to prove something or this is just his perfection side or both. All songs are well done and there is a great range of sounds and love the addition of brass and strings to many of the songs.

As for the title, I know they said Tahara came up with it looking at one of the photos showing the crowd reflection but for me it seems like it is the band looking back at the past 20 plus years of their great work and reflecting that in this album. What I mean by that is this album is a COLLECTION of songs that captures the sounds of Mr.Children from the past 20 plus year. Some songs remind me of their early work, some of recent work.  Just few examples because I don’t want to compare it to other albums now

Kumo no Ito ß------à  Shirushi

Machi no Fuukei ß------à  RA RA RA

Waltz ß------à  Rock 'n' Roll wa Ikiteiru

I’m reviewing the Naked version so there are 22 songs and it is a bit difficult to distinguish the songs and I sometimes have to stop and look at the title of the songs to make the connection again.

The album has more up tempo songs in general and has a bit rock sound to it but many songs has that big band feel to it which I really love. Adding stings and brass make some of these songs come alive. So even if you are not into rock songs, still this is a great album.

The album starts with 3 good songs. Fantasy is growing on me and is very good song and Shayou (3rd song) is the type of song that I love. The tempo is great and Sakurai’s voice is the right tone for me. Fight Club reminds me a lot of their early work which I love. I would say Melody is a typical Mr.Children song and this type of song they can come up in their sleep…(-: for me, It is similar to Hanabi . Kumo no Ito is fantastic and one of my favorite songs of this album. It is Sakurai at his best in these types of songs that start slow and pick up in the middle of the song. The 6th song is I can make it. Good song and nice guitar sounds. Sakurai uses different vocal ranges in this song.

ROLLIN' ROLLING ~Ikken wa Hyakubun ni Shikazu all I can say is wow. This is my favorite song of the album and I must have listened to it like 50 times. I know this type of song is not for everyone but I love everything about this song> Sakurai’s voice, the amazing guitar work, drums beats by Jen and brass arrangement. I would be very very sad if they don’t play this song in the upcoming tour since they did not play it in the one that just ended.

Hanatareru is more of a ballad. Good but I have not developed a taste for it yet, maybe because I want to go back to Rollin Rolling. Machi no Fuukei has a folk sound to it and a song that for some reason I think Sakurai wrote it sitting under a tree or during a picnic but it is a very mellow and soft song which can just make you relax. The 1oth song is Unmei which is another good up tempo song. Again this is a typical Mr.Children song.  Ashioto ~Be Strong is a very good song and loved it from the first time. I love the way Wasurenu Hito starts with Sakurai and his piano. The song picks up in the middle just like many other of their songs with similar melody. You make me happy is song similar to the ones from the HOME album. I’m not too crazy about it. It has a very Jazzy feel to it. Jewelry has a different sound than the rest. The drum beat is the star here. I don’t know how to explain it but it has a psychedelic effect on me...(-:

I love REM a lot and one of the songs that I listen to over and over. WALTZ is another rock type song that I just can’t stop listening to. I love everything about the song. Again Sakurai’s deep voice is what makes it for me. Tahara shines in this song as well. Jen seems to be at the top of his game too. The middle part of the song is just awesome where the guitar work is amazing.

Shinka-ron is another typical song and brings the tempo down a bit. I like it more the more I listen to it. Very good melody and music.  The 18th song is Genchou another up tempo song which is very good and just everything works in this song. I did not like it when I first heard it but now it is becoming one of those songs that I want to go and listen to again. You can see in the DVD how Sakurai came up with the Piano score for REFLECTION, very touching. We still not finished 3 more songs to go. Tooku e to is ok song and nothing special for me. I wanna be there is the kind of song that Sakurai excels at and I’m sure he enjoys these types of songs. I mean it is very typical melody and rhythm. Starting Over is a good song with nice tempo and sound. I need to translate this song to make sure there is no hidden meaning about you know who…(-:

Last but not least is Mikan. I love it and it good song to end the album and maybe a concert with. Again the guitar work is great and the whole sound and rhythm of the song is fantastic.

Again, this is a great album. It might not be for everyone but I think this is one of their best work in years. I hope you all will enjoy it as well.

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Jun 13 15 8:30 PM

mrchildren, here's an online version of concert you can try:

I have watched the opening and fantasy performance about 5 times already.

The version at JPS is 19GB, no way I am downloading that. Maybe I'll just wait for their DVD.

Nice review, although I'm not done reading it yet lol.

For those who understand Japanese:

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Jun 13 15 11:55 PM

Thank you so much for both links.
The interview is great and it shows how complex the sound for this album is. I rememver seeing Imai at AP bank trying to get food and he was soooo drunk that other had to hold to walk. It was in the middle of the afternoon...(-:
I got tickets to some of the shows I will go to and still waiting for couple more.

Looks like they will appear on a special program called MUSIC DAY

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