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Apr 16 11 9:27 AM

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2014 - Mr.Children brings fantasy to life!!


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2008 Releases

General Information

Band members





The unofficial '5th' member :






// Navigation site

// Official

Mr.Children Official Site
Mr Children at TOY'S FACTORY
English version at TOY’S FACTORY

// Fansites // Japanese

Mr.Children World!!
Moshi Bokura no Kotoba ga Ongaku de Atta Nara
everyday mr.children
Mr.Children Soul
Mr.Children My HERO
Step up to brighter

// Fansites // English - ( features regular news updates)
What's About Mr.Children
Mr.Children Lyrics / Translations

// BBS, Images, Multimedia and Miscellanous Links

Wikipedia / English
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Yahoo! Mr.Children News Site
Mr.Children Icons
Mr.Children Biography in Japanese (Until 2005)
Mr.Children Avi BBS

It would be great if more people joined the guest map !!

image / Mr. Children Guestmap of





[ i ]'s Mr.Children Images :

[ i ]'s Mr.Children Magazine scans:

cardcaptorstacey's avatars:

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#1 post_url

Apr 16 11 9:44 AM


--- SINGLES ---


--- ALBUMS ---


--- VHS/DVD ---




In 2003 “ap bank” was settled by Takeshi Kobayashi, Kazutoshi Sakurai, and Ryuichi Sakamoto. “ap” was derived from Artists’ Power, which was artists’ community promoting natural energy projects on the suggestion of Sakamoto. ap bank is not an ordinary bank, but one to finance environmental projects which are trying to open up possibilities of our future. It’s a nonprofit organization and has been furnishing with funds various environmental projects in regard to natural energy, energy saving, and so on.
Bank Band was formed in order to expand possibilities of ap bank, in which Takeshi Kobayashi and Kazutoshi Sakurai have been playing the central roles.

Official Members

 * Kazutoshi Sakurai (Vocal, Lyrics, Acoustic Guitar, Composer)
 * Takeshi Kobayashi (Keyboard, Piano, Composer)

Support Members

 * Mikuzuki Chiharu (Bass)
 * Seiji Kameda (Bass)
 * TOKIE (Bass)
 * Hideo Yamaki (Drums)
 * Kawamura Noriyasu (Drums)
 * Furukawa Masayoshi (Guitar)
 * Hirokazu Ogura (Guitar)
 * Takano Hiroshi (Guitar)
 * Takuo Yamamoto (Sax, Flute)
 * Kouji Nishimura (Trumpet)
 * Tamao Fuiji (Percussion)
 * Yonie Udai (Violin / Chelo)
 * Sachiko Oki (Violin)
 * Mikiyo Kukuchi (Viola)
 * Akiko Tajima (Violin)
 * Momoko Ishii (Chorus, Solo)
 * Ryouta Noborizaka (Chorus)

 * GAKU-MC, Salyu (feat. Vocal)

With Sakurai and Kobayashi in its center and various renowned support musicians around them, Bank Band's sound has a rich, (predominantly) accoustic flavor. In the first instance they're known as a cover band, but they also exhibit original material :

 * to U (NEWS 23 and ap bank fes' Theme Song)
 * Harumatsu Ibuki (movie "Midnight Eagle" Theme Song, also released digitally with the profits partly going to the victums of the Niigata earthquake)
 * yoku kita ne (a song Sakurai wrote as the opener for the ap bank fes 07)

About ap bank


ap bank, today and tomorrow

ap bank and what it does


ap bank activities

ap bank fes


eco reso web


History of ap bank

ap bank fes' participants

Founders's Message

Kobayashi Takeshi


Sakurai Kazutoshi


ap lending program

ap bank in TIME magazine


ap bank on the net


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#9 post_url

Apr 17 11 12:55 AM

My first post here at JPC.  smiley: smile
For some reason the user name mrs.sakurai was not available, so I had to use my old name again.

Why did you change your name, Mr_Children?  I don't know what to call you anymore.  smiley: tongue

I am kind of lost in this new forum, so I'll need time to figure out how things work here.    

What is the total sales of Kazoe Uta by now?  Does anyone know?

It's been confirmed that there will be ap bank fes.11 Fund for Japan on July 16th, 17th and 18th.

Last Edited By: kenshiro Apr 17 11 12:59 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#10 post_url

Apr 17 11 1:55 AM

Hi alll! Yeah Misuchiru has this thread back! :)

kenshiro, the current sales for Kazoe Uta on i-Tunes only is here.

But I have no idea how to get total digital sales overall. Even RIAJ doesn't tell us. :(

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#11 post_url

Apr 17 11 3:58 AM

If iTunes sales are around 120k already, then I think it's very likely we'll receive a digital certification for both PC Downloads (Gold, probably) and Chaku-Uta Full (Gold or Platinum) this month or the next. Can't wait!

I think it would be their first ever certified song for digital sales o.O

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#12 post_url

Apr 17 11 7:21 AM

This forum only works right for me in IE. In Google Chrome it looks weird. Bahhhh...
Oh and I did save the last posts you guys all did from the old JPM. I just need to upload them to my website now

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#15 post_url

Apr 18 11 5:46 PM

Good to see you all here. I miss our old JPM as well but these things happen.

As you guys know AP BAN FES 11 was announced. I wonder who is going play this year.
I don't think I will be able to make to Japan this year since I'm very busy with work but I hope they will
have a good show. All the money will go to the AP BANK FUND FOR JAPAN.

Oh, my friend meet JEN and NAKAGAWA after the Nagano concert. He was going to the Shinkansen train and saw them before they got into their private section. He talked to them a bit but they did not want to take photos with anyone. He said they were super nice and talked to many people there and people respected their wishes and no one took any photos of them. How I envy him...(-:

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#16 post_url

Apr 19 11 1:59 PM

Suzuki is here lady and gentlemens... it's good to see everybody here.

PS: Any opinions about Kazoe Uta? I think it's a good song btw.

Last Edited By: Suzuki Apr 19 11 2:07 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#17 post_url

Apr 20 11 1:50 AM

couldn't disagree about it... ;)
and welcome..

damn they're lucky fellow.. to be able to speak with... err... nakagawa actually can speak?? 0.o

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#20 post_url

Apr 21 11 10:17 AM

^Yes, a little later, tho.
Send out pms to people in the Mr.Children user group first.

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