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Jan 16 12 8:07 AM

All my Love is a nice song... though not really my cup of tea.

I was really sad when I heard YOU ARE THE REASON though. Ever since EVER, ALL of his (and by extension, YFC's) upbeat songs sound almost exactly the same... except perhaps for Paranoid Doll, but that wasn't even his. It's just STOMP STOMP STOMP BANG BANG BANG ON THE DRUMS with little semblance of a melody, and from what I could gather Until the Last Day sounds exactly the same >_<

I want to like his music again! He's made some of my favourite tunes ever so I don't want to dislike it all this much, but eh... : /

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Jan 19 12 12:57 PM

Well he's become a lazy uninventive self-repeating Poser smiley: eek

On the last YFC Tour they posed the most time on stage ..

I guess he thinks it's not necessary to be much creative anymore...

It works, a bit of autotune here and a simple BAM BAM Beat here .. ready is the next No.1 smiley: roll

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Feb 15 12 8:32 AM

That was pretty good. I won't ruin it for ruin it for everyone but it's one of those videos you really have to watch all the way to the end. I guess those images are from some cheesy Dragon Age CG anime?? I could've done without that. 

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Jun 23 12 5:46 PM

To revive this thread a bit ..

I guess you all have already read that YFC is breaking up on Gackt's birthday ..

I just read it today and to be honest i won't miss them a bit.. never liked their live shows and crappy music

Welcome back GACKT solo smiley: wink

It's Time for good music again.. (hopefully)

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Jun 23 12 11:16 PM

Good riddance....I only song. Gackt solo and Jon Solo are much better singers...maybe fade can jump start a couple more good songs now, and Gackt can get on with his usual excellent stuff. I do think Avex has killed his artistic side a little bit though.

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Jun 24 12 10:29 AM

Yes, great news for me, haha. To be honest he's had a fairly steady stream of singles in the meantime (although there was a year-long wait from EVER to Episode.0) but it still didn't feel proper. I hope he releases one more single (totally secretly hoping it to be used in a popular series and become something of a hit, would be cool, not like I wouldn't mind otherwise ) and release a REAL studio album! It's been 7 (!!) years o.O

I started listening to Gackt in 2007 (and J-Pop in general) so I've never actually experienced a proper album era! (I don't count Re:born, obviously, as he himself also didn't call it a studio effort).

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