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May 11 11 3:47 PM

I hope he releases an "normal" Full length Album this year, would be a good addition to Bunraku ;)

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May 20 11 7:35 AM

Tour dates are confirmed for this long awaited artist! Check to see if he is coming to your town this year.
Tickets will go on sale on Friday, 27th May at 15:00CET. Please check back for ticket links!


20.07.2011 - Le Bataclan, Paris [FR]
21.07.2011 - Le Bataclan, Paris [FR]
23.07.2011 - E-Werk, Cologne [DE]
26.07.2011 - Melkweg, Amsterdam [NL]
27.07.2011 - Forum, London [UK]
29.07.2011 - Bikini, Toulouse [FR]
30.07.2011 - Razzmatazz, 1 Barcelona [ES]
01.08.2011 - Backstage, Werk Munich [DE]
03.08.2011 - Huxleys, Berlin [DE]
04.08.2011 - Syma B, Budapest [HU]
06.08.2011 - Stodola, Warsaw [PL]
07.08.2011 - Haus, Auensee Leipzig [DE]
09.08.2011 - Arenan, Stockholm [SE]
11.08.2011 - Arena, Moscow Club Moscow [RU]

I'll be going to Budapest if I manage to buy a ticket!

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May 20 11 8:38 AM

I checked the SYMA B Arena in Budapest it's deffo bigger than Theatrefabrik in Munchen is =D So let's hope there will be more tickets than last year.

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May 20 11 9:17 AM

Even if Gackt is coming really near me...I don´t think that I will going to the concerts...
my Gackt-fandom ist really over...and I don´t know if the concerts are really worth to watch it... hmmm

and the tickets are really expensive right?

I want a Jpop act in Germany....meeeehhhhh

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May 20 11 10:11 AM

^ you know xD I had so much fun last year it was worth all the 300 euros I spent on the whole arrangement + the flu that I caught in Munchen This time it's a bit close, so it's even better! The tickets were 50 euros.

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May 20 11 2:52 PM

Airifan wrote:
but you are Gackt-Fan?!
I don´t know if none-Gackt-Fans can enjoy it too?

I don't really consider myself to be a fan of anyone else other than Ayu and Jade, but I love his music and listen to his songs quite often If you know the songs you're bound to have fun. I personally don't care about him when it comes to anything else other than his music and I enjoyed the last year's concert so much I wanna go again!

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May 22 11 2:26 PM

What was that ?? My Comment was posted here and then it was mysteriously gone o.O

So here again

GACKTs new Single is called "Episode 0"
There are 2 Songs on the new Single (These are the 2 Songs who won the Vocaloid/Gackpoid Song Contest)
Episode 0
Paranoid Doll


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