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Oct 24 12 3:56 PM

Avex is re-releasing all of her concerts on Blu-ray, 2980 yen each, on December 19th.

I'm surprised they have HD going back to 1997.

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Dec 10 12 12:37 PM

few shops have the album up now:

"今事紀" out 2013.02.06

temp tracklist:
●A Message

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Dec 20 12 1:02 PM
looks like they are only releasing a CD edition now. so sad


1. ヒカリノミ
2. カレイドスコープ
3. Butterfly
4. オトヒメ
5. 花のように
6. 誰かのためになら
7. A Message
8. ことのは
9. Hello
10. あっというま

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Jan 12 14 11:54 AM

FINALLY! a new release! CD+DVD single "桜舞い降りる頃、涙色 feat.mayo" out 2014.03.05

01.桜舞い降りる頃、涙色  feat.mayo/相川七瀬
02.桜舞い降りる頃、涙色  feat.nanase/岡本真夜
03.桜舞い降りる頃、涙色  feat.mayo(オリジナルカラオケ)
04.桜舞い降りる頃、涙色  feat.nanase(オリジナルカラオケ)

DVD:桜舞い降りる頃、涙色  feat.mayo/相川七瀬

品番:AVCD-32233 / 形態:CD+DVD
価格:1800円(税抜)/ 発売日:2014.3.5


Shinya (LUNA SEA) and Marty Friedman add drums, guitar to nanase's version, while mayo's is said to have a piano intro. They also participate in the chorus for each others version. The song is said to be reminiscent of 1996's "恋心"

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Mar 4 14 1:01 AM

so in love with this song, and the gorgeous PV. certainly has a 恋心 feel, it's like a fresh take on it. my love for this woman never wanes.

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