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Apr 14 11 12:16 PM

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Nanase Aikawa [ Official Website | Avex Website | Reborn Project Website | Blog | Twitter ]


Rockstar Steady ALBUM - "Gossip" 2011.02.16

[ CD - CD+DVD ]

01. Get Mad
02. black butterfly
03. A Boy Like Her
04. Gossip
05. Take Me Away
06. Crystal Heart
07. P・A・R・T・Y
08. Girl Frined
09. Fine Fine Day
10. ひとつになって
[Bonus Track]

1. Fine Fine Day [Music Clip]
2. OFF SHOT ~Gossip~

Nanase Aikawa was born on February 16th, 1975, in Osaka. At the age of 15 she dropped out of high school and soon after began training for a music career. She released her first single, Yumemiru Shoujo Ja Irarenai, on November 8th, 1995. Three more singles followed before the July 3, 1996 release of her first full-length album Red. By the end of 1998 she had released a total of eleven singles and three albums. The next year with the release of her twelfth single Cosmic Love she had drastically changed her image, cutting her long hair short and dying it blonde. In June her first best collection album was released. Three more singles followed that year, and she released another original album in February of 2000, Foxtrot.

The next two singles that Nanase released brought about another change. Midnight Blue and Seven Seas were produced by Tomoyasu Hotei, instead of her previous producer Tetsuro Oda. In January of 2001 two new singles were released simultaneously. This time one of the singles, NO FUTURE, was again produced by Tomoyasu Hotei, but the other, ~dandelion~, saw a return to her original producer Tetsuro Oda. Less than a month later her fifth album Purana was released. This album gave off less of her traditional rebellious rock 'n roll feel, with her image becoming more conventional.

Nanase got married on her 26th birthday, and on September 6th, 2001, her baby boy was born. Motherhood hasn't slowed her down, she is still going strong as the Queen of Rock!

2011.02.16 - Gossip (Rockstar Steady)
2010.02.16 - ROCK or DIE
2009.02.18 - REBORN
2005.11.09 - R.U.O.K?!
2005.02.16 - The First Quarter
2004.02.18 - 7 seven
2003.03.26 - ID: 2
2001.09.27 - The Last Quarter
2001.02.21 - Purana
2000.02.16 - Foxtrot
1999.05.19 - ID
1998.07.08 - crimson
1997.07.02 - ParaDOX
1996.07.03 - Red

2010.12.08 - Fine Fine Day (Rockstar Steady)
2009.11.11 - tAttoo
2008.08.06 - Circle of Live (Crimson-FANG)
2006.02.15 - EVERYBODY GOES
2005.01.19 - Kagiriaru Hibiki
2004.09.29 - Mangekyo / UNLIMITED
2004.02.18 - Round ZERO ~BLADE BRAVE
2004.01.21 - Ai no Uta
2003.11.27 - R-Shitei
2003.02.13 - Shock of Love
2002.10.09 - Roppongi Shinjyu
2002.06.05 - Owarinai Yume
2001.01.31 - NO FUTURE
2001.01.31 - ~dandelion~
2000.08.09 - SEVEN SEAS
2000.05.31 - midnight blue
1999.12.08 - China Rose
1999.09.29 - Jealousy
1999.07.23 - Sekai Wa Kono Te No Naka Ni / Heat of the night
1999.03.17 - COSMIC LOVE
1998.11.06 - Lovin' you
1998.05.08 - Nostalgia
1998.02.04 - Kanojo To Watashi No Jijou
1997.11.12 - Bad Girls
1997.05.01 - Sweet Emotion
1997.02.13 - Troublemaker
1996.10.07 - Koigokoro
1996.06.05 - BREAK OUT!
1996.04.17 - LIKE A HARD RAIN
1996.02.07 - Bai Bai.
1995.11.08 - Yumemiru Shoujo Ja Irarenai

2010.11.03 - AIKAWA NANASE Live Emotion 999
2006.01.01 - 7.7.7.
2004.09.29 - AIKAWA NANASE Live Emotion 2004 "7 seven"
2002.12.11 - BEST CLIPS
2002.03.13 - Reflex + radioactive
2001.03.07 - chain reaction
2000.09.20 - Live Emotion 2000 "FOXTROT"
2000.03.29 - Reflex
2000.03.29 - Live Emotion
2000.03.29 - radioactive

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#3 post_url

Sep 4 11 9:19 PM

New project, Daybreakers (limited time unit) will release a concept album "Return To ZERO"�October 5th [ Official Site ]



01. The END Of The World / Inst
02. confession / 中ノ森文子
03. 素晴らしき日々 / HISATO(伊崎央登)
04. Loneliness in Labyrinth / 星村麻衣
05. 隠れた地図 / erica
06. 希望の鐘 / 相川七瀬
07. time has come 〜雪解けの時 / 中ノ森文子
08. Days / 星村麻衣
09. 名もなき花 / 折井あゆみ
10. believe myself / HISATO(伊崎央登)
11. Brand-new Blue-sky / erica
12. NEW WORLD / 折井あゆみ
13. REALIZE / 相川七瀬
14. The BEGINNING of the world / Inst
15. Return To ZERO /Daybreakers

Buy @ CD Japan�| HMV | yesasia

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#5 post_url

Sep 4 11 10:19 PM

^ me too. me too. I have to buy this damn thing now, for two songs (I am not even counting that one with the guy from FLAME that makes me laugh everytime I watch that PV preview).

hope she is still working on more material, I need more nanase asap. don't even care if it's more rockstar steady at this point.

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#6 post_url

Sep 4 11 10:36 PM

I liked that Rockstar Steady album. I really want to skip this release since I don't even know any of the other people. And having one guy in a group like this is just weird, especially when they look like a creeper.

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#7 post_url

Sep 4 11 10:48 PM

I've been soooo out of Nanase these years. When I saw the thread, I decided to listen to "China Rose", probably my fav single from her. Makes me cry ;_;

I know, off-topic, sorry

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#10 post_url

Oct 5 11 8:03 PM

I put the Daybreakers album up at JPS and KMC as well.

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#12 post_url

Dec 13 11 7:23 PM

Aikawa Nanase 「SPECIAL ACOUSTIC LIVE "MOON DANCE 2011"」 at Christ Shinagawa Church Gloria Chapel on Thurs, 12/22 will be streamed on Nico Nico.
Starts at 19:00 JST.

You need an account to watch and you can use timeshift to watch it later.
Nico program page:

How to use timeshift:

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#14 post_url

Dec 20 11 10:25 PM

Start time of the stream has been changed to 18:00 JST. They will show PVs for one hour until the start of the live at 19:00 JST.

Aikawa Nanase 「SPECIAL ACOUSTIC LIVE "MOON DANCE 2011"」 at Christ Shinagawa Church Gloria Chapel on Thurs, 12/22
(Scheduled broadcast time: 18:00-21:00 JST)

Streaming Schedule:
18:00 JST: PVs
19:00 JST: Live start

You need an account to watch and you can use timeshift to watch it later.
Nico program page:

How to use timeshift:

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#15 post_url

Apr 24 12 10:58 AM

damn, nanase announced that she is 6 months pregnant today. guess we'll be waiting for that album even longer now.

she is due in September, but promises to still perform her usual July live. (which she mentions she will be performing a few new songs from the album). She will be back in December, after her break.

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#16 post_url

Jul 7 12 1:01 PM

NANASE'S DAY 2012 「Birth」2012.07.07 setlist:

09-Back to the day
10-snow fall
12-Sweet Emotion

EN-01 ひかりのみ
EN-02 恋心
EN-03 Two of Us
EN-04 Sweet Emotion


gift given, unreleased single, "ことのは"

also, she started an official blog

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#18 post_url

Jul 7 12 10:56 PM

^ she's 8 months right now, due in september.


she is suppose to return for a Christmas day live. still want that album though, hope we'll get that as well.

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#20 post_url

Jul 7 12 11:52 PM

4.DAHLIA -you're my universe version-
8.愛ノ歌 -マジェンタレイン-
9.Back to the day
12.Sweet Emotion
3.Two of us
4.Sweet Emotion
some more fans have posted this setlist now, guess this is the way the new songs titles are suppose to be written, don't see where it came from though, maybe it was posted at the fc site.



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