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Dec 8 11 9:53 AM

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Since there's like 5 billion news sites, I'm not going to continue reposting news stories, but I might just snark on it just because half of it is funny. I'm mostly going to share new music I like - which is 100% music you wouldn't be ashamed to listen to or share with your friends and family. I'd also prefer this over the forum chat because other than it actually works, it includes video chat, screen sharing, and other cool stuff.

Join G+ and circle me...and hopefully they allow some more admins so the page can get additional perspectives as opposed to just my jaded and bitter comments. Also, AKB:

Hangout With AKB48 On Google+!

AKB48 made an announcement on December 8th that they will start using Google+! Today is AKB48's 6th anniversary and they made a special announcement during a press conference (which was also live streamed on YouTube). A Google+ representative also announced that they were really eager and excited to work with Akimoto Yasushi in promoting AKB48 and the social networking service to the world.

Some of the features that were announced included: live streaming of special concerts, using the video conferencing feature "Hangout" with AKB48 members, and also updates from all the members that will be added into your "Circles". With AKB48 members using Google+, messages will be translated into Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, English and Korean for easier access to fans.

During the press conference AKB48 captain, Minami Takahashi, took a photo with a smartphone and uploaded to Google+ to signal the usage of this social networking service. Atsuko Maeda also mentioned that she might try to use "Hangout" later on Google+!

So what are you waiting for? Quickly add AKB48 and their members to your circles and hangout with them!

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Dec 10 11 9:02 PM

Feel free to respond to the thread and on the G+ page and tell me how awesome the blog/page is. It's only been a day, but I'm going to try and keep it diverse. Like I mentioned, I want to share music that your friends can listen to and not think that you're weird for liking it. LOL

Ironically, when I shared some of the music, I got a few private compliments on my personal account. So I'm hoping I can convert new fans as well as make us JPop fans look COOL instead of like weeaboo nerds like Saturday Night Live made us out to be.

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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Dec 16 11 6:31 PM


I had never ever considered joining google+, in fact I always considered myself to be part of the "GOOGLE IS EVIL" bandwagon, but then I saw this post and decided that I just HAD to be a part of it. so I joined google+, just for this page...and...*gets tearful and sentimental* it's just so beautiful, I can honestly say that this experience has changed my life, what you are doing here is a very good...*starts bawling* such a wonderful thing I just can't...

please, if you want people to really know just how amazing and not weird we are, start promoting OJS48 on your page please.

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