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Jun 4 14 3:30 AM

Trisagion wrote:

Listening to I&U made me realize how much I miss Genki Rockets.

It sounds like Revive. But I don't think it is the typical Genki Rockets style.

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Jun 21 14 12:58 PM

Yasuda Rei new single "Mirror" will be released on September 3. The title track will be the new ending theme song for the TV anime "Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei."


安田レイ 4th Single 「Mirror」
2014.9.03 Release

[First Press Limited Edition]  (CD+DVD)   SECL-1571   ¥1,500 + Tax

[Regular Edition]  (CD)    SECL-1573   ¥1,167 + Tax

[Limited Pressing Anime Edition]  (CD+DVD)  SECL-1574   ¥1,500 + Tax


The second part of the PV for "Passcode 4854": [link]

Enter the 4-digit passcodes found in both parts for a wallpaper download (available until July 31) and more:

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Aug 6 14 12:09 AM

Studio live and talk program "LisAni! STUDIO Vol.1" on Friday, August 8 will be streamed on niconico Live.
Starts at 21:00 JST

Program name: LisAni! STUDIO Vol.01
With: Aoi Eir, AKIRA, Ayano Mashiro, Kalafina, GARNiDELiA, Haruna Luna, Yasuda Rei
Date: Friday, August 8
Scheduled broadcast time: 21:00 to 23:00 JST

Program name:
Timeshift period: 7 days
You need an account to watch and you can use timeshift to watch it later.


How to use timeshift on niconico:

Promo pic, covers, and tracklist for Yasuda Rei's new single "Mirror":

Promo pic:

First Press Limited Edition (CD+DVD) cover:

Regular Edition (CD) cover:

Limited Pressing Anime Edition (CD+DVD) cover:

安田レイ 4th Single 「Mirror」
2014.09.03 Release

[First Press Limited Edition]  (CD+DVD)  SECL-1571~2  ¥1,500 + Tax
DVD Tracklist: Mirror (music video)
■ Application card

[Regular Edition]  (CD)  ¥1,167 + Tax
First Press: Application card

[Limited Pressing Anime Edition]  (CD+DVD)  SECL-1574~5  ¥1,500 + Tax
DVD Tracklist: Mirror -魔法科高校の劣等生 non-credit ending-  (Mirror -Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei non-credit ending-)
First Press: Application card
■ Anime illustration jacket digipack packaging

CD Tracklist:
1. Mirror
2. キラメキmoonlight  (Kirameki moonlight)
3. You COLOR my world
4. Mirror -Instrumental-   (First Press Edition (CD+DVD) and Regular Edition (CD) only)
4. Mirror -TV edit-   (Limited Pressing Anime Edition (CD+DVD) only)


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Aug 9 14 3:12 AM

PV short version for "Mirror":

Yasuda Rei - "Mirror" (Short ver.): [link]

First album "Will" announced for October 8. Tracklist includes "Best of my Love," "Brand New Day," "Let It Snow," "Passcode 4854," "Mirror," and more for 14 tracks total.

安田レイ 1st Album 「Will」
2014.10.08 Release

[First Press Limited Edition]  (CD+DVD)   SECL-1597   ¥3,333 + Tax
※ Application card

[Regular Edition]  (CD)   SECL-1599   ¥2,870 + Tax
First Press: Application card

Partial CD Tracklist:
◇ 「Best of my Love」   (1st シングル / TVアニメ「宇宙戦艦ヤマト2199」EDテーマ)
◇ 「Brand New Day」   (2ndシングル/nissen, 2014春TVCMソング)
◇ 「Let It Snow」   (配信限定シングル/ソニー ヘッドホン(MDR-10RC)タイアップソング)
◇ 「パスコード4854」  (Passcode 4854)   (3rdシングル/TVアニメ「金田一少年の事件簿R」EDテーマ)
◇ 「Mirror」   (4thシングル/TVアニメ「魔法科高校の劣等生」EDテーマ)
Etc., 14 tracks total

DVD: Music videos for 5 songs and bonus footage


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Oct 8 14 7:31 AM

What do you guys think of the acoustic cover of Heavenly Star?

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Oct 8 14 3:49 PM

It brings back to the moment when Genki Rockets debuted. It feels nice to listen to an acoustic version. I like it. Her debut album is also quite strong!

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Oct 8 14 6:30 PM

The album is very strong. I love it!!!!! Finally another solo female putting out a strong album with lots of good songs and not a ton of filler.

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Jun 21 16 4:00 AM

Date: 2016.06.17
6/22(水)よりGenki Rockets「Heavenly Star (Tropical Disco Remix)」先行配信スタート!
7/13(水)発売 コンピレーションCD『Tropical Disco』に収録される<
Genki Rockets「Heavenly Star (Tropical Disco Remix)」が6/22(水)より先行配信スタート!

Digital Single
Genki Rockets「Heavenly Star (Tropical Disco Remix)」
2016.6.22 AM0:00 RELEASE

M1. Heavenly Star (Tropical Disco Remix)
M2. Heavenly Star (Tropical Disco Remix Radio Edit)<br />

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