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[email protected] | Retiring

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Jan 6 12 6:30 PM

ungco wrote:
Hold up, if the translation is correct, she's only said that she's retiring as [email protected], so it's entirely possible that she could continue on doing music. Though, it most likely be in a different vein considering she's dropping the name.

That mail magazine thing she sends out supposedly said she was retiring altogether, though as I don't get that (for some strange reason) and nobody's posted its contents anywhere, I can't really post a source for that. It's just what people are saying.

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Jan 6 12 11:22 PM

Damn, that's the music biz I guess and it's probably for the best if she wasn't getting enough out of it. Can't say I kept up with [email protected], but, dang, finally getting around to her stuff was quite a revelation.

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Posts: 2,658 Mohtorboat

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Nov 6 14 3:26 AM

AWESOME. There's a preview on her website, which is littered with Comic Sans font. Song sounds pretty good, though!

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Dec 17 14 12:33 AM

Hello! The time has come! She has her own official youtube channel now! "Ukiyo Disco" can be download for free on her official website (^Moh posted the link to the official website)! smiley: alien


Ukiyo Disco:

3cm Distance:


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Posts: 2,658 Mohtorboat

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Jan 8 16 9:58 PM

She released a mini-album at an Xmas show.

Thanks [2015.12.20]

01 3cmディスタンス (3cm Distance)
02 runaway?
03 plan
04 サヨナラプロムナード (Sayonara Promenade)
05 money
06 runaway?(islandhouse remix)
07 浮世ディスコ(Inimma remix) (Ukiyo Disco)


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Jan 24 16 1:32 PM

And we're already getting another mini-album titled "NOSTALGY" to be released 23.03.2016!


1. Retro Train
2. Chaplin Orchestra
3. Valentine tonight
4. O・M・A・J・I・N・A・I
5. Dancing Through the Night
6. Minatochou Love Story
7. Chaplin Orchestra (Cube Juice remix)


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Posts: 2,658 Mohtorboat

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Mar 29 16 11:02 PM

Chaplin Orchestra music video

Dancing Through the Night live movie

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