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[email protected] | Retiring

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Jun 15 11 3:29 PM

Haha I'm looking forward to this album.

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#22 post_url

Jun 18 11 10:50 AM

Another solid release from Saori. Love GAMPA JAPAN, Off The Wall, COLLAGE, and BEATPOP. I could jam to these forever

btw, shouldn't this thread be moved to the Electro section?

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Oct 23 11 3:50 PM

So it looks like, according to her live concert last night, [email protected] and Aira Mitsuki are releasing a collaboration album called "PARK OF THE SAFARI" on the 7th of December. It looks like it'll be a full album, with both solo songs and duets, so there's something for both Aira and Saori fans in there.

It'll have a safari theme (obviously), though the genres seem a little uncertain, because I've seen mention of everything from techno to dance-pop to soul and chillwave... So I don't know what's going on there. But still, NEW ALBUM, HELL YEAH!

Also, if you go to the recorded stream of Saori's concert here, and go to about an hour and two minutes in, there's a preview of one of the new songs that sounds like it's an Aira solo playing behind their MC about the album.

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Nov 15 11 6:07 PM

I'm almost certain I'm updating this merely for my own benefit at this stage, but there are new details, soooo...


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Posts: 2,670 Mohtorboat

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Nov 26 11 8:51 PM

Copy the links and select the "Open URL" option in WMP. That's how I did it, anyway. The only preview I don't like is GATE or EXIT.

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Dec 1 11 4:49 PM

Okay, so longer previews are now out on YouTube, through D-Topia's official YouTube channel. I'll refrain from posting them ALL here, but here's one of my favourites. I was originally going to post Theme of Safari, but it's only an interlude. Bastards. It sounds so good too...

However, this album is going to SLAAAAAAAAY. I'm surprisingly fine with there only being two solo tracks. Discovery, WOWTOWN, PANAMA and LAST SONG are all going to be too amazing for words.

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Jan 5 12 11:05 PM

I've kind of not been wanting to post this, but... An except from an interview she did recently...

"Well... I don't know I may say this... But I think It'll be a last release for me as [email protected] So I wanted to make a point of 'last' on my solo song. But I thought If I say it directly, it'll confuse my listener. so I expressed it as Good-bye to lover."

source: ameblo

Supposedly an announcement of this was also in a recent fan mag that she sent to everyone subscribed to the service. I... Don't know how to feel about this.

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Jan 6 12 10:07 AM

Hold up, if the translation is correct, she's only said that she's retiring as [email protected], so it's entirely possible that she could continue on doing music. Though, it most likely be in a different vein considering she's dropping the name.

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Jan 6 12 4:37 PM

If you want her to stay, everyone buy 1000 copies of her CDs NOW!

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