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Dec 11 12 3:02 PM

Negi wrote:
Polyrhythm wrote:
ARUTO wrote:
glimmeringneon wrote:
P.S. BoA cannot compare to Namie Amuro or Ayumi Hamasaki. BoA is around the same level as Koda Kumi though. But as of this day Koda Kumi has more success than BoA in Japan.
Ayu and Koda are at the same level nowadays.

Wow, what an insult to Kumi.

It's actually true that Kumi's more popular today, but Ayu has that "legend" thing that Kuu doesn't have...

It's more that they are equal in the eyes of casual Japanese listeners with Koda's image still untainted by the silly publicity stunts, yet her scandal from 2008 did leave a scar on her career as well. Still as people said Ayu has the legendary status which does set her a part from Kumi. Though I guess that won't help her, but it sure sounds nice

BoA isn't really on their level. I'd compare her to Ai Otsuka, though I guess BoA has in some way surpassed her when it comes to popularity. Koda managed to stay more or less relevant after her peak which sets her closer to Ayu, but her prime didn't really last nearly as long as Ayu's.

Both Ayu and Kumi are popular within their fan bases...

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Dec 11 12 3:12 PM

Polaris wrote:
I was more excited about the fake Kimi Ga Inai song

lol same. those pretty ballads (Merikuri, Everlasting, Winter Love...) never get old to me
I love both Only One and The Shadow, but I don't like when koreans do this with their releases, re-releasing stuff just in a different language. excited for the HERE I AM concert tho, about time gurl

btw I love reading these diva/queens discussions lol

lovethatkuu wrote:
Legendary status doesn't mean much, when that same person has done nothing but tarnish their achievements and legacy with silly stunts/bullshit.

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Dec 11 12 3:44 PM

Why are they calling it "her first concert"? Didn't she hold one in 2007 called "Made In BoA" ?!!



Posts: 1,738 Team Ayu Kuuter

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Dec 11 12 4:33 PM

How did it get to ayu vs. kuu again

How kuu is more popular than ayu at present though? ayu had higher rankings digitally on the yearly charts, she even had a song on the yearly chaku utas charts, higher sales overall, higher ranks at karaoke companies (and that goes with less promotion this year than kuu had even while she was pregnant) and she still has the longest tour for a female artist every year (except for namie's long hall tours), how ayu is at any bad state generally is beyond me too. kuu and ayu are minimum on the same popular state.
And a legendary status is not a thing that can be ruined by publicity stunts. These stunts are not worse than SMAP's group friend running naked drunk in a public park and then still manages to get out of it in the eyes of the public and manages to stay popular.

Yes ayu will probably decline, but for now the public doesn't really "protest" against her or even know about her stunts, or just japanese fanbase. Yes some did and the foreign fanbase is more concerned about her status, but until she's going to really fall to a bad state, with really low sales for an album drastically or full throttle articles about her, I don't buy "her legendary status" is broken, nor her career.
Legendary status broken doesn't fill your arenas and definitely not to ayu's extents.

Yes BoA was never at their level but I think she was even more popular than Ai otsuka so I don't know if it's really comparable and BoA was never as popular as kuu's extent.

I can't wait for The Shadow and Only One's Japanese versions!!

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Dec 11 12 5:42 PM

^uhm kumi had a baby this year so she is like out of the game for 2012. However, this is the BoA thread and BoA was pretty much it during her first few years until bets of soul and do the motion afterwards. Back in the day of meaning of peace she played the popular part in the single...

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Dec 11 12 6:02 PM

Polaris wrote:
Why are they calling it "her first concert"? Didn't she hold one in 2007 called "Made In BoA" ?!!
"Made In BoA" was a showcase, she only performed 7 songs.



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Dec 12 12 1:08 AM

Solarblade wrote:
I think the single is just one A-side *looks at thread title*

Yeah =|
I don't know why though xD
the single just listed at CDJapan (FINALLY)
No first press =/

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Dec 16 12 8:21 AM

Avex updated their website with a new pic:

Not really a good image to promote a comeback single after you're gone for a couple of years.

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Dec 16 12 5:55 PM

BoA, Flop of Japan, Bring on the Flop in America! Can I get a Queen of Flop title for her? No lies, I'm a fan, but its the truth Cool02

Listen To My Flop
Flop & Flopnesty
Best Of Flop
Made in Flop (F)

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Dec 18 12 6:22 PM

She looks pretty as usual but it looks like they just recycled a part of the LOVE LETTER background.

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Dec 21 12 8:19 PM


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