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Apr 17 11 5:21 PM

Wow glad to see Taeyeon is alright and that's pretty messed up man good thing he didn't have a weapon

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Apr 17 11 6:07 PM

feelmymind wrote:
^Yeah its real, some man (who obviously has mental problems), convinced the security that he was Taeyeon's manager and was going to kidnap her to marry him. Taeyeon's my least favorite, but I feel terrible for her this situation. Though, I must admit that I am amazed that she was able to put a smile on after since she thrown performances over smaller things. Apparently, though its not on camera, more of the girls eventually ended up in the corner too, but since she was taken from the line (and that not her screaming but a fan girl) and most are in front, they didn't notice until, err, later. You can see that their final formation is broken. And the man that helping Sunny hold Taeyeon isn't even security, he the MC.

who knows what security was doing.

For people that care (aka: Oricon), Mr. Taxi is doing pretty well on the charts. It already hit number one and goes between 1-4 depending on the time. gee, genie and rdr have also popped back up.

thats crazy! nvm i take back the laughing i did. but what the hek how sucky/dumb is the security?! thats something serious they need to think about.
lol FMM Taeyon is my fav.

wait doing well on what charts?! :O

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