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Apr 17 15 5:12 PM

lol "those guys" were probably me
When I first read the liner notes, it left me under the impression that ayaka worked on the lyrics with her friend, and now that I read them again, it's still quite unclear. They only mention music by Tom, nothing about the lyrics themselves besides the fact that they're a good mix of English and Japanese. I therefore assumed, since ayaka has been writing her own stuff for years, that she would be involved. That's basically it. But if she's not credited, I guess she did not in the end.

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Apr 20 15 9:09 AM

I thought the album was very good, and I personally liked it a lot better than The Beginning. There's a good variety of songs on it and the singles mostly still sound good after all this time.

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Apr 22 15 7:18 AM

Just got my copy and yeah, definitely a lot more varied than "The beginning". Gosh, I can't believe it's been 3 years! Kinda regretting not getting the 3CD+DVD edition (I got the CD only), not sure why I didn't, lol.

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Jun 19 15 9:49 AM

Mizushima Hiro and Ayaka celebrate the birth of their first child

On June 19, singer-songwriter Ayaka updated her official blog, announcing the birth of her first child, a baby girl.

"Dear everyone," she began, continuing with, "Every time I look at our child's calm sleeping face, I can't help but to be happy. The moment she was born, it was like God gave us a wink. That is how happy and grateful she is making us feel."

Ayaka also expressed her gratitude, "When I think about how this journey has led me to this safe delivery, I am full of gratitude for all of my life experiences and encounters. Thank you very much." She then stated, "Without forgetting that we have received this precious life from God as someone who will create a future, I will take care of her carefully."

Ayaka's blog entry was signed jointly with her husband, actor Mizushima Hiro. According to their agency, Mizushima was also present at the hospital to witness the birth of their child. He also uploaded their first family photo onto his official Instagram account. He expressed his joy of becoming a father, "I'm a dad."

Ayaka and Hiro married in February of 2009. They had announced last December that they were expecting their first child. Ayaka will officially resume her activities with her tour "Ayaka Rainbow Road TOUR 2015-2016 ~Michi wa Tsuzuku yo~".

Congratulations to the new parents!

Source: Tokyohive

Congratulations to the couple!

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Sep 7 15 9:04 AM

It looks like she's already working in a comeback for next year. 10th Anniversary special concert announced.

絢香 レインボーロードTOUR 2015-2016
"一夜限りのMemorial Stage"
秘密の裏メニュー発動‼ 〜道は続くよ〜

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Apr 27 16 7:35 AM

『THIS IS ME ~絢香 10th anniversary BEST~』


[Sun盤](Disc1) ※曲順未定
・I believe
・Real voice
・number one
・Have fun!!

[Moon盤](Disc2) ※曲順未定
・Jewelry day
・The beginning
・A Song For You

[Wind盤](Disc3) ※曲順未定
・WINDING ROAD(絢香×コブクロ)
・アカイソラ(iTunes Session)
・THIS IS THE TIME(iTunes Session)
・Through the ages(English ver.) [iTunes Session]
・I believe 2016 ver.(新録曲)
・三日月 2016 ver.(新録曲)

・I believe
・「三日月 2016 ver.」MUSIC VIDEO


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Jun 8 16 7:46 PM

I was just buying old ayaka singles and then went to the official website for fun and didn't even realize she is releasing a best album! I'm actually super excited and then I went to CDJapan to pre-order it and it's only 41$ Canadian!!! That is so cheap for a 3CD+DVD!!! If this was Ayu or Kuu it would be like 180$ lmao. Excited for the two new songs too

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Jul 8 16 10:15 PM


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