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Mar 4 15 8:59 PM

raito7 wrote:
New live EP announced:

作品タイトル:iTunes Session
1.ツヨク想う (iTunes Session)
2.アカイソラ (iTunes Session)
3.THIS IS THE TIME (iTunes Session)
4.にじいろ (iTunes Session)
5.はじまりのとき(English ver.) [iTunes Session]
6.Through the ages(English ver.) [iTunes Session]

!!!! JUST TAKE MY MONEY. (And it's not Japan-only, hooray!)

I want all of her live material, it's beyond on point.

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Mar 18 15 3:28 PM

For some reason, I'm not a big fan of ayaka singing in English. It doesn't feel the same. She sounds great on the iTunes Sessions but it's not like I expected anything less from her! Amazing EP.

I hope we get some nice surprises on Rainbow Road! I can't wait! I think I'll wait for other releases before buying it though (don't wanna pay too much shipping costs).

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Mar 23 15 8:12 PM

Love this album by the previews. And I love Lose Control, so old school ayaka.

Can't wait for it, I hope it does it well like The beginning, or at least reach the Gold status.

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Mar 23 15 9:44 PM

The new songs are sounding great! And yes! "Lose control" sounds like a song she would've done pre-hiatus. I love it!

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Mar 25 15 12:01 AM

They did a fantastic job with that website! I love it! *The MV on it almost reminds me of like a Macy's commercial on TV or something...*

As for the covers, the 3CD is so awkward for me. I don't know what it is about it. The 3CD+DVD is nice enough (as is the CD-only). They definitely could've done more.

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Apr 14 15 5:32 PM

So after the first listening hmm
The album was recorded with a timespan of over three years...and yeah the songs are varying alot because of that.
I do find quite some quality difference between some of her songs. Also I pretend that that cute lil affair called birthday song never existed and erase it from my HDD. yeah ayaka is pregnant and overly in bliss, but if she writes a baby song for her unborned child, can't she keep it to herself?
From the new songs Lose Control and No End are the only real good new ones. I had higher hopes for Taisetsuna kimochi cuz the simple live performance touched me a lot. Maybe there is just too much cheese-factor and happiness in it.
Also I find the flow really weird, but maybe that's the point. Showing all kind of rainbow colors without regard if they clash with their neighboring colors/songs ^^

So in general, it's at least not so monochrome as some other releases like ayu or kuu, and has a lot of very different songs. Otherwise, a few real gems are on there, and the album is in general more happy and uplifting than the beginning, and more enjoyable than I thought it would be.
But I hope her baby doesn't inspire her to write more children songs like birthday song and such >.

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Apr 16 15 12:46 PM

I really have mixed feelings for this album. I really enjoyed listening to "Lose control", "Tsuyoku Omou" and "Through the ages" but then you get songs like "Niijiro", "Chiisa na Ashiato" and "Birthday Song" which leave me indifferent. Most of the good songs were already released so I wasn't too into Rainbow Road. I'm just sure that I prefer The beginning over this album.

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Apr 17 15 10:03 AM

No End and Lose Control are the best and catchiest tracks on the album, but some of the old singles like Beautiful, Number One etc are amazing. The album has a very warming feeling, it's really good, but not amazing like Fly to the Sky.

I think this is gonna be her last release for 2 years, at least. It's obvious she rushed to release it before her leaving for maternity. The sales might be low now, but ayaka's albums usually have a long longevity in the charts, I think it might get a gold certification in the running.

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Apr 17 15 10:52 AM

skylight wrote:
Interesting that you singled out No end and Lose control which were written by somebody else.

Composed, not written. Ayaka wrote the lyrics fot the song. I read somewhere that she got the demo from her friend and wrote the lyrics for the song.

And it isn't like she never had songs like No End in the past, remember her first album in 2006.

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Apr 17 15 4:17 PM

skylight wrote:
Strange, on the album notes it says lyric and music by Tom Collekiyo.

I got the information in other forum. I checked Japanese lyrics pages and you're right, those guys who posted the wrong information.

But it isn't a strange practice for singer songwriters to get a couple of tracks written by friends or something like it.

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