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Jul 5 13 1:17 PM

^ My first thought, as well, as I was hoping, and assuming, that and Robinson would be on it... Thought that maybe Rolling in the Deep would be there, too (expected at least one or two Western songs, actually, ). So, I'm surprised by the tracklist - but I love it. Definitely some refreshing choices.

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Jul 5 13 7:27 PM

Good tracklist for the covers album. I wonder how this is going to be arranged since there are so many different styles for the original songs.

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Jul 6 13 6:17 PM

I'm also surprised at the lack of Western covers. I was thinking I want you back or something like that would have ended up on there.

As for I Love You (and makkana taiyou OMG why could that not be on there).. that's what decent quality live rips are for. Sigh. I'm pretty pumped to hear her version of Moving On Without You, though.

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Jul 6 13 8:12 PM

My thought process when I read about this release:

1st step: A COVER ALBUM!?!?! I wanted a new studio album!
2nd step: A COVER ALBUM!!?!? No need to jump on the bandwagon of all those other female singers!
3rd step: They do tend to sell well, though... get those sales!
4th step: Wow, those are some pretty different and inspired covers. Good going ayaka!

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Jul 18 13 7:44 AM

Vote for the songs that you would most like to hear in concert (FYI, there are two Arigatou. and Kon'ya mo Hoshi ni Dakarete... choices, with and without punctuation, for some reason; I LOVE YOU is a choice!)!:

Some obvious ones on top, of course, but I'm glad that some of the newer ones and non-single tracks are so highly voted. I focused on my favs at the bottom, not realising how unpopular they apparently are. *cry* :'(

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Jul 18 13 1:07 PM

Let's go to party is at the bottom? But it's so fun live! And what the heck at peace loving people being so far up there. I'd like to burn that song with fire.

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Jul 23 13 12:54 PM

Wow! ayaka's pronunciation has improved a lot! Love that perf

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Jul 31 13 9:50 AM

Previews are up!!!
Don't have a chance to listen, yet, but I'm super excited--preordered the DVD version! ayaka has the honour of having the first CD that I've ever bought without having listened to any of the songs, yet, let alone any of the previews, hah. 3f1268864eb694bb8b9948c131757f941a97c5a3_r

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Jul 31 13 11:22 AM

Her version of Movin' On Without You is really close to Utada's but I don't like the autotune in the end.

Waiting for the album release, a month and a half yet to wait.

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Jul 31 13 3:35 PM

I honestly don't see what is so terrible with that Utada cover! She changed the song a bit - GOOD - most J-pop artists who do "covers" do their utmost best to either A) mimic the original artist in every possible way or B) completely wash away anything that made the song interesting in the first place in a sea of strings in an attempt to hide the fact they've got no personality of their own.

Having said that, ayaka also seems to be doing that on some of these covers. Still, they sounds nice. I also like her choices... they're a bit DIFFERENT. A female singer who covers Utada but NOT First Love... it's like MAGIC!

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#415 post_url

Jul 31 13 8:05 PM

YEEEEEEEEEEES AYAKKAAAA!!! The previews are on point, the production is on point, her vocals are on point, her covers are on point Hopefully she can really score big with this since the Japanese eat cover albums up.

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#416 post_url

Aug 1 13 3:00 PM

Kaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, love the previews!!! Don't know if it's bias or if she's really that awesome - lol - but I am so in love with this album, already. Everything definitely has ayaka's typical feel, which compliments her choices really well. You guys scared me about Movin' on without you, since that's what I was looking most forward to, but I don't see what's wrong with the Auto-Tune effect. I don't think that it feels out of place, and if it's just one or two parts, then it's not overdone.

Aside from Movin' on without you, I'm most excited about See-saw Game, Tayuta, and Robinson.

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#417 post_url

Aug 1 13 3:54 PM

I was also pretty scared about listening to Movin' on without you, but I think it's awesome. Ayaka did a great update.

That Southern All Stars song sounds pretty good.

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#418 post_url

Aug 1 13 6:35 PM

ayaka's version of Movin' on without you reminds me a bit of the version Utada did at UTADA UNITED, i like it. All the covers are actually pretty good judging by the previews so far (y)

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#419 post_url

Aug 21 13 6:46 PM

New theme song, "Arigatou no Wa" for the 40th anniversary of Kit-Kat, hahah!

「ネスレ キットカット」40周年記念のテーマソングとなる新曲「ありがとうの輪」が完成しました!


※ARとは:Augmented Reality(拡張現実)の略で、バーチャルリアリティ技術の1つ。現実環境にデジタル情報を組み合わせて、現実世界を拡張する技術のこと。

キットカットOfficial Web Site↓

Yes, this is happening. A virtual live of ayaka, brought to you by Kit-Kat! Interesting, hah. You can find more info, along with pictures, about ayaka x Kit-Kat collaboration on the site.

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