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Oct 24 11 11:33 PM

I miss her so much! Excited to hear what she's got in store for us~

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Oct 25 11 5:30 AM

Naomi Crescent wrote:
^ There's recently been an announcement that her condition has officially been stabilised, and that's why she would like to return to the music scene as soon as possible. Also, there have been various times over the months where I've noticed people asking about her condition through Twitter, and she's confirmed that everything has been going well. ^_^

On a separate note, back when she released the best, I was thinking that she was just throwing the single songs that hadn't been put on an album yet onto the best, just to make it more worth it or whatever, and because she wouldn't be releasing anything else for a while.....and that when she did come back, those songs would be on a new album.... But I was thinking about it again and I realised, those were all from when she was still with Warner, so it's highly unlikely that they'll make it past the best. ......That sucks. ;_; I honestly don't want to pay $40 plus shipping for four songs... And if I were to get the best, I would have wanted one of the limited versions, if only to get the B-sides. Wish I would have known that she was going to leave the label after that. >_<'
Hahahaha I'm usually a really cheap person with buying stuff like this but I did actually end up buying the best....even if it was just for the few songs. They got me that time

OMG I am like shaking and crying now. How can I miss this news???? smiley: roll I don't know how to describe how grateful I am to hear this.... seriously the best news of the year!!! And I really think as a fan.... being able to hear her voice again is our "shiawase" <3 <3 <3 And I LOVE Hiro's hair in the CM too. Everything is so perfect! I'm going to Japan this weekend and I am SO gonna buy that drink. Yes I'm so irrationally happy right now I'm gonna support my favourite artists that way.

Also OP did she change her name? (I seriously don't know) cuz it says "ayaka" in most of the post except for the title and the first line it reads "ka-aya".

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Posts: 260 ♥always♥

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Oct 25 11 7:06 AM

^^I think the OP just got mixed up typing. 

This is great news!! I've missed her voice so much! I've been listening to "te wo tsunagou" a lot lately and I can't wait for more great music from her. I wonder why she set up her own indie label though..

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Oct 25 11 7:23 AM

^ I assumed they left they broke off their previous companies cuz they didn't like it and wanted to manage their own works so I wasn't surprised she would do something like that. Though I don't really know what it means in terms of the business side of things. Meh as long as I get ayaka music man!

Treating myself to my ayaka discography playlist after a long day of work now. Hehe Why do I think she bought out the rights of her music though....? Hmmm am I imagining things?

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Oct 25 11 9:58 AM

^ I'm really hoping that she got all of the rights needed.... Most people don't bother, but I hope that she does!! This is a different situation than many artists, though. Most people who end up switching labels don't write any of the music (looking at how most people who have to go to another label are more of the product-type, hah), but she's been co-writer on nearly every song (and she did Minna Sora no Shita and Arigatou. on her own, I believe), so that should definitely give her more reason to make sure she can use those songs.

And sorry for the confusion, guys. I WOULD make a typo in the biggest font in the thread. Guess I just got tired from making all the tracklists and missed it, hah. Anyhow, it's okay now. ^.^'

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Oct 28 11 3:47 AM

Naomi Crescent wrote:
Here's the extended, making-of type CM. Skip to 1:25 for a clearer, slightly longer version of the preview.
the video is also on the Morinaga website you gave us Just have to click "CM紹介" to find all 3 versions of the CM and making.

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Oct 28 11 10:32 AM

^ Oh, sorry. smiley: embarassed I didn't look at anything on the site, and I just came across the Youtube video randomly, so I assumed that....well, I don't know what I assumed. I was just so excited.

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Oct 29 11 3:15 AM

Hahaha no need to apologize just wanted to tell you (and others who didn't click all around the site like I did to make sure there are no other traces of ayaka around) that there are several more things you can look at on the website )))))

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Nov 30 11 6:35 AM

raito7 wrote:
Ayaka just announced on twitter that her new album will be out on February 1st and will be called The Beginning!
My gawd storm ayaka is coming and she will slay the charts

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