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Jan 21 13 6:48 PM

Loving beautiful. Wish I had the money to get this single (English version of hajimari no toki? What? What?). The covers are nice, but I feel like I'm going to look at them in a year or so and think they're actually not very good. 

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Feb 11 13 7:16 PM

^ Mm, yeah, I really miss her long hair, honestly. >_< But as a long-haired girl who's chopped it all off before, I do understand the relief that it brings, and I sometimes get the urge to cut it again, lol.

I need to hear Chiisana Ashiato in full! beautiful is nice and all, but I'm really craving something more upbeat from her. Actually, something more upbeat than Chiisana Ashiato, really. Something like CLAP & LOVE, I guess (I miss her significantly rock 'n' roll tracks). Or Melody and such, even. We haven't gotten too much of anything like that since before the hiatus.

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Feb 12 13 8:47 PM

^ Oooh, I didn't notice that before, that it was available already. Thanks! :X

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Feb 12 13 10:15 PM

I love her current hair style - it suits her very well and c'mon -- we don't need to equate long hair = beautiful etc. Not feeling the new songs yet though. ;( I am still watching The Beginning Tour on Blu-ray at least once a week...Hikari w/ Erhu is amaaaaaazing!

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Feb 21 13 2:24 PM

No surprise that she's doing well digitally and flopping physically. It happens with all J-pop female solo singers nowadays, except avex divas.

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Posts: 2,663 Mohtorboat

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Feb 24 13 2:27 PM

Man, that single artwork is gorgeous. Love all the blues and purples. The single itself is really nice, beautiful is my favorite of the two a-sides.

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Feb 26 13 6:05 AM

12 ------> 9,508


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