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Oct 24 11 12:34 PM

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香) Official Thread



Full name: Ayaka Saitou (齋藤 絢香) (formerly Ayaka Iida [飯田 絢香])
Birthday: 1987 December 18 (age 25)
Birthplace: Moriguchi, Oosaka
Bloodtype: O
Height: 157cm

Known by her stage name as simply ayaka (絢香), this singer-songwriter has currently released 13 singles (with 10 standard - one digital-only, two collaborations), three studio albums, and two compilation albums. Since her debut in 2006, she has sold over three million in physical sales. ayaka has received digital success, as well, most notably with her song Mikazuki (三日月), which is currently one of the best selling works to date on the Chaku-Uta charts.
Her music mainly takes elements from pop and rock (specifically rock 'n' roll), and she's known for having both heartfelt ballads and upbeat tracks. ayaka writes all of her lyrics by herself (with the exception of her collaboration works), and she helps to compose most of the music in her discography.


Studio Albums:
Cover Albums:
Compilation Albums:

Upcoming Releases:

- Fuji TV Sochi Olympics tie-in, "number one"!!!

タイトル:number one
●CD+DVD(AKCO-90021/B)¥1,890(tax in)
●CD Only (AKCO-90022)¥1,260(tax in)
CD:「number one」 他全3曲
DVD:「number one」(MUSIC CLIP)他

Announcement from her official website, marking her return from hiatus:

Original Tweet announcing the album:

External Sites:
Official Website
Official Fanclub Page for "Room Ayaka"
Official ayaka Twitter
Official A stAtion Twitter
Former Official Site for Warner Music Japan
Unofficial facebook Fanpage (English)
English Wikipedia Entry
Japanese Wikipedia Entry

Mailing Address for Fan Letters:
日本郵便 渋谷支店留 「Room-Ayaka」宛

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#1 post_url

Oct 24 11 12:39 PM

Okay, so, I will make a proper discography section, no worries. Just give me a bit. Until then, hope that the front page is fairly decent. If anybody wants to make a special banner graphic and upload it for us, feel free, but I probably won't do anything like that. I'll probably just put up a nice profile pic.

Anywho. For those of you who haven't heard, yes, SHE IS COMING BACK!!! For further proof, you can check out the [very fucking short] clip of her new song in the CM for Morinaga Milk Cocoa, which also happens to star Hiro. It just began airing an hour or two ago, I believe. Sounds pretty good so far, but it's honestly hard to tell much at all yet, lol. I'm just excited that she's back!

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#5 post_url

Oct 24 11 1:00 PM

That's great she's able to get tie-ins even when she's going indie. The ballad preview sounds nice, I really miss her voice.

I hope she releases some rock/soul stuff ASAP.

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#9 post_url

Oct 24 11 2:53 PM

So good to see so many fans here already!!

By the way, I think that I'm pretty much done with the first post, unless I think of anything random to add to the external links or decide to put more info in her profile section or something, so if anybody has any suggestions/sees any mistakes/etc., feel free to let me know. ^^

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#10 post_url

Oct 24 11 2:56 PM

I'm glad she's back!!
I've had Meiro stuck in my head for the past couple of days~
Her voice is just too awesome not to be heard!!

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#13 post_url

Oct 24 11 4:11 PM

^ There's recently been an announcement that her condition has officially been stabilised, and that's why she would like to return to the music scene as soon as possible. Also, there have been various times over the months where I've noticed people asking about her condition through Twitter, and she's confirmed that everything has been going well. ^_^

On a separate note, back when she released the best, I was thinking that she was just throwing the single songs that hadn't been put on an album yet onto the best, just to make it more worth it or whatever, and because she wouldn't be releasing anything else for a while.....and that when she did come back, those songs would be on a new album.... But I was thinking about it again and I realised, those were all from when she was still with Warner, so it's highly unlikely that they'll make it past the best. ......That sucks. ;_; I honestly don't want to pay $40 plus shipping for four songs... And if I were to get the best, I would have wanted one of the limited versions, if only to get the B-sides. Wish I would have known that she was going to leave the label after that. >_<'

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#20 post_url

Oct 24 11 11:11 PM

Yeah welcome back, ayaka!

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