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May 18 11 8:58 PM

Hisha wrote:
Crossfade video for Key+Lia Best 2001-2010

beautiful ;__;
043267964bbd04dd8299e0c9ca8ee0329345548d_rCrossfade audio for Key+Lia Best 2001-2010

Solarblade wrote:
So I just got noticed that Bentley Jones is covering Mami Kawada's JOINT for his TRANS//LATION 2 album!!!
0:58 JOINT (cover) not as good as the others. his version doesn't differ that much from the original. and i think the melody of this song is too feminine for a male cover.

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May 29 11 1:08 PM

uh... so apparently Lia was featured on this single that came out two weeks ago:

Oratorio The World God Only Knows = ELISA + Lia (Lia wasn't on the previous "Oratorio The World God Only Knows" single)

^ anime OP

first week: #19 6,139 Oratorio The World God Only Knows

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Jun 8 11 12:32 PM

this seems to be the set list of KOTOKO's acoustic tour:

限界打破 (genkai daha)
羽 (hane)
Free Angels
Imaginary affair
思い出は風の中で (omoide wa kaze no naka de)
Feel in tears
My Gentle Days
Shooting Star
Sweet song ever with you
ハヤテのごとく! (hayate no gotoku)
同じ空の下で (onaji sora no shita de)

in other news, Lia's voice is being sampled for use in VOCALOID 3 (the newest engine).

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Jun 15 11 12:13 PM

^I didn't think Lin'svoice was the best in the studio version and here she's the best! and they're so high in Seishun Rocket lol.

new songs:

Promised Love ~ダイスキ×100~ (Promised Love ~DAISUKI x 100~)
作詞 都築真紀 Suzuki Masaki/Maki
作曲 C.G mix
編曲 C.G mix
歌 堀江由衣 Yui Horie the popular seiyuu


lead to the smile
OP for the game とらバ! out 8/26
作詞 川田まみ Mami
作曲 井内舞子 Maiko
編曲 井内舞子 Maiko
歌 朝見凛 Lin
Lin's solo debut!
(Airi's was two heart and Nami's was piece of my heart)


OP for TV anime ロウきゅーぶ!
作詞 KOTOKO (lyrics only...)
作曲 八木沼悟志(fripSide)


KOTOKO on NHK radio


TRIBAL LINK special website
previews are to be uploaded here
and there's a bonus wallpaper here


Set list and stuff for the IVE FC event

高瀬 一矢・中沢 伴行によるオープニングトークセッション
C.G mix

01.under the darknes
02.version up

 桐島 愛里 -Airi Kirishima-

04.two HeaRt
Larval Stage Planning
05.Rolling Star
06.Send-off ~涙色のスタートライン~
島みや えい子 -Eiko Shimamiya-

07. ひかりなでしこ -Acoustic ver.-
08.ATLANTE -Acoustic ver.-  ※Piano Featuring:桐島 愛里
09.ディオラマ -Acoustic ver.-
詩月 カオリ -Kaori Utatsuki-

10. 僕らが見守る未来 -Acoustic ver.-
11. LAST SONG -Acoustic ver.-  ※Piano Featuring:舞崎 なみ
12. I'm home -Acoustic ver.-
川田 まみ -Mami Kawada-

13.I pray to stop my cry -little sea style-
14. eclipse buts!
Guitar:尾崎 武士 -Takeshi Ozaki-
Bass:佐藤 太希 -Daiki Satoh-
Drums::八木 一美 -Kazumi Yagi-
高瀬 一矢 - Kazuya Takase-
中沢 伴行 -Tomoyuki Nakazawa-
* DTM講座なども予定していますが、変更の可能性もありますので
* 曲目は随時変更になる可能性もあります。

also Nakatsubo (fish tone) wasspotted in a reunion party pic
lela's flowers for Eiko
Kaori's keychain
... i must've forgotten something but whatever.

and i listened to MOMO's and IKU's albums. once.

that's all.

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Jun 18 11 8:25 PM

the current situation (seemingly sinking ship) inspired me to make a badge...

maybe i'll make alternative versions and badges for individual members too. or you can make/request/suggest something to speed up the process smiley: laugh

Lin's first song!
lead to the smile (short ver.)
(it's a lossless rip from the game's OP movie here)
song info

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Jul 2 11 10:28 AM

I'll try recording the stream~
anyone heard Eiko's last I've songs? they're on IveMusicPlayer youtube channel.

two heart remix


inner child

dreamer 2011 remix

hikari nadeshiko rearrange

I'll post my rip next week if they still haven't emerged by then...

and KOTOKO has a new album this fall. yay. KOTOKO needs to have a twitter account before they disband or something.

edit: Eiko's Karma no Inori

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Jul 2 11 7:10 PM

That would be great if you could record the Stream Tij!

And yes I listened to Eiko's Songs, but I'm really dissappointed with what we've got... River is okay, inner child has a nice arrangement but is still boring and the Remix of DREAMER is horrible... I was hoping for at least one upbeat Song like Ginga no ko. But I really like the new arrangement of Hikari Nadeshiko!

And finally we get a new KOTOKO Album, I was hoping for it this autumn, so I guess we will get it in October again.
Hopefully there will be a nice Rocktrack like Real Onigokko or UZU-MAKI on it... unfortunately the Singles this Era were not that strong...SCREW was good, Hekira no Sora e Izanaedo was horrible and Loop-the-Loop was just okay, so she has to give us strong Album Tracks!

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Jul 3 11 3:10 AM

the songs are original version with new voice. what a letdown. and i can only record the audio. and it will probably be released on DVD or something. so not worth the hassle. smiley: ohwell

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Jul 3 11 10:09 AM

I didn't really pay attention... you mean Shift? it sounded like a mess when I first listened to it ages ago and it still does now.
btw I like her Key+Lia album so much.

... and so I wasn't able to watch the night stage and missed my (only?) chance to see MAKO. fml.   wait there's a paypal option!

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Jul 3 11 4:17 PM

oh smiley: laugh
btw Key+Lia was such a great album. all the songs were remastered or rearranged.

Oricon weekly:

#11 13394 Key+Lia Best 2001-2010

so I tried to grab the HQ stream of Tribal Link and it could be possible if the speed wasn't so slow. but they didn't show MAKO (blank screen, no sound) and she's not in any pictures. and she's an awesome young girl from what i've heard.
what a lackluster experience. smiley: tired

Tribal Link Setlist:

Day Stage

Lilies Line
Kimi to Nazo tasu Watashi de JUMP!!

Yui Sakakibara
Anata dake no Angel

The Maze
Face of Fact

Close to me...
SHIFT -sedai no mukou-

Suna no Shiro -The Castle of Sand-

Miyuki Hashimoto
birthday eve


Hiromi Satou
Permit ~yurushi no tou~
Leaf ticket

See You ~chiisana eien~

Night Stage

Lilies Line
Kimi to Nazo tasu Watashi de JUMP!!

Velocity of Sound

The Maze
Face of Fact

Close to me...
SHIFT -sedai no mukou-

Suna no Shiro -The Castle of Sand-

MAKO & Mami
Double HarmoniZe Shock!!

For our days

Masami Okui


See You ~chiisana eien~

(see more here)

p.s. you can watch it too with a normal account.
day stage
night stage
click on the yellow button (タイムシフト視聴する)
they will expire soon.

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