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Apr 25 11 5:31 AM

Tij wrote:
So it's Eiko's last album as an I've Utahime smiley: ohwell
somone please slit my wrists, urgh... to see your favorite girl stopping is just no fun. I hope she keeps releasing music in whatever form in the future.

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Apr 27 11 1:47 PM


Poor Lia, destined never to have a thread of her own. We just can't let her go. She once recorded with I've you know.

I've been trying to find a track list for the Key+Lia 'best of' album set for release on 24th June and the VGMdb have obliged by posting one:

Key+ Lia 「Best 2001 - 2010」

01 夏影 (natsukage)
02 Nostalgia
03 Birthday Song, Requiem
04 恋心 (koigokoro)
05 Spica (new arrange)
06 Hanabi (new recording)
07 Karma
08 Soldiers
09 doll
10 human
11 時を刻む唄 (toki wo kizamu uta)
12 My Soul,Your Beats!
13 Life is Like a Melody
14 pierrot

I guess there is little opportunity for suprise here since the album comprises pretty much all the Jun Maeda songs Lia has ever recorded. But is there an I've tie-up? Well sort of. If you look at the CD booklet for Lia's very first single (released 2001-08-10) you will find the recording engineer is listed as a certain Kazuya Takase.


I was also curious to see how many of Jun Maeda's songs were listed in the Oricon database. Certainly nowhere near a complete list. Nothing before 2005.

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Apr 29 11 3:13 PM

Tribal Link

From Mami's blog:

Tribal Link 2011: live in Studio Coast (Tokyo) July 3rd.

I've: KOTOKO, Mami, Kaori, Eiko, LSP.
Guests: Masami Okui, Yui Sakakibara, Hiromi Sato, Mayuki Hashimoto.

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Apr 29 11 4:11 PM

Dfe16164b8408990c4e305c85717fcb36621701a_r had to recover my account. obviously my name is not my name, says yuku.

4291606bb3428c96c81f847dad7df62af75baf77_r New twitters:

4291606bb3428c96c81f847dad7df62af75baf77_r LSP's now under Lantis. Debut single out 7/27:

(TV anime バカとテストと召喚獣にっ!OP starts airing in July)
作詞 畑亜貴 (Aki Hata)
作曲 高瀬一矢
編曲 高瀬一矢
歌 Larval Stage Planning

4291606bb3428c96c81f847dad7df62af75baf77_r Eiko's new game song:
(Karma no Inori)
Game (眠れる花は春をまつ。) out 6/29.

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Apr 30 11 5:35 AM

Tij wrote:
LSP's now under Lantis. Debut single out 7/27

OK, so what should be read into this announcement (if anything)? My thoughts:
  • Even allowing for the usual marketing hype, this is a little short of being a 'sensation' (no slight to LSP intended).
  • Was this the full announcement originally intended for March 13th, or is this an interim announcement to tie up the loose end left dangling by the postponement?
  • If I've/Fuctory were 100% happy with their relationship with Geneon Universal, would they be seeking this co-operation with Lantis?
  • Is this just to put pressure on Geneon Universal (i.e. you have to raise your game because we do have alternatives) or is this the start of a more comprehensive switch.
  • Is the current dearth of new releases via Geneon Universal a sign that some other contracts may already be winding down (and that severance conditions are active)?
Of course all it takes is for Geneon to announce a new KOTOKO single and the above line of thought crumbles to dust.

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Apr 30 11 3:23 PM

Your points are still valid if KOTOKO has a bunch of new releases.

Eiko said on Twitter she's now a NEET, does that mean she's not with Geneon anymore? If so MELL and Kaori are going to follow her soon, imo.

MELL is not going to the Tribal Link Live. I hope she's well.

I really cannot keep up with them I've twitters. not gonna read anymore lol. Eiko's still too funny as usual:

Eiko: wait a sec, Kaorin, why aren't you following me yet?
Kaori: I'm s-sorry Eiko-sensei!!! I can follow you from my phone too??
E: if Kaorin's phone is "made in chikyu (earth)" (made in china pun) of course you can.

Kaori's Niji-iro Rock'n'Roll full version:

Hishoku no Sora -Quiet Piano Mix-
All in good time -Quiet Guitar Mix-
(press the MP3 を抽出 button)

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May 1 11 9:32 AM

きっと恋をしている (kitto koi wo shiteiru)
作詞 都築真紀 (Masaki Tsuzuki)
作曲 高瀬一矢 (Kazuya Takase)
編曲 高瀬一矢 (Kazuya Takase)
歌 堀江由衣 (Yui Horie)


TRIBAL LINK-L/R song list:

Face of Fact
The Maze
砂の城 -The Castle of Sand-
Close to me…
SHIFT -世代の向こう-
blossomdays Lilies line
For our days
Double HarmoniZe Shock!!
Leaf Ticket
Permit ~許しの塔~ Philosophy
birthday eve
Velocity of sound
Princess Brave!
Ever stay snow
常識! バトラー行進曲

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May 4 11 1:27 PM

Eiko.... a best album? Wow.... never thought I'd see the day... Either way yay for having her las few singles on an album as well as two new songs.

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May 5 11 3:27 PM


Tracklist for IKU's mini album (2011-05-25).


「ROBE」 (GNCL-1239)

01 Pray 〜祈り〜 (-inori-)
      lyric: IKU; composition & arrangement: Barbarian On The Groove
02 疾走感 (shissou kan)
      lyric: IKU; composition & arrangement: mo2
03 ヒミツの鼓動 (himitsu no kodo)
      lyric: IKU; composition & arrangement: mo2
04 花曇り (hanagumori)
      lyric: IKU; composition & arrangement: wight
05 セラフィム (seraphim)
      lyric: IKU; composition & arrangement: mo2
06 光の詩 (hikari no uta)
      lyric & composition:IKU; arrangement: mo2

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May 6 11 9:30 AM

^ it's interesting that you mentioned MAKO last time. She's back. Faa1636bb04b8498c7a4091a870d555c1d7a8114_r


  • Face of Fact 詩月カオリ
  • The Maze 詩月カオリ
  • Lupe 川田まみ
  • 砂の城 -The Castle of Sand- 川田まみ
  • Close to me… 島みやえい子
  • SHIFT -世代の向こう- 島みやえい子
  • blossomdays Larval Stage Planning
  • Lilies line Larval Stage Planning
  • For our days MAKO
  • Double HarmoniZe Shock!! MAKO and 川田まみ
  • Abyss 奥井雅美 (Masami Okui)
  • Automaton 奥井雅美
  • jihad 榊原ゆい (Yui Sakakibara)
  • アナタだけのAngel☆ 榊原ゆい
  • Leaf Ticket 佐藤ひろ美 (Sato Hiromi)
  • Permit ~許しの塔~ 佐藤ひろ美
  • Philosophy 橋本みゆき (Miyuki Hashimoto)
  • birthday eve 橋本みゆき
  • Collective 飛蘭 (Faylan)
  • Velocity of sound 飛蘭
  • ジェットスマッシュ! 桃井はるこ (Haruko Momoi)
  • Princess Brave! 桃井はるこ
  • Ever stay snow nao (fripSide)
  • 常識!バトラー行進曲 nao

MELL is nowhere to be seen. 49716364be488094c84e8b10b3c9361530d18874_r

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May 6 11 10:40 AM

To be honest, I'm only interested to hear Kaori singing Face of Fact, Mamis duet with MAKO, Masami Okui singing Abyss and Faylans Version of Collective...
I don't really want to hear KOTOKO singing my lovely IMMORAL with her voice...

And I'm really worried about seems that she is really ill when she didin't even have the Power to Cover two Songs...

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May 7 11 2:20 PM

IVEBUS said MELL's recovering little by little.
Eiko's lost her voice. Her recording for the album(s) has been delayed. And she still has the acoustic live performance next week. E9016b63bb498b99cde139a855d3294f5539176d_r

that's all.

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May 13 11 10:36 PM

EIKO SHIMAMIYA acoustic LIVE 2011 setlist

 青い果実 (Aoi kajitsu)
 奈落の花 (Naraku no hana)
 Super Scription of data
 Dhobi Ghat
 春空 (Haruzora)
 恋はいつでも (Koi wa itsudemo = Koi wa itsumo from hologram)
 inner child
 Perfect World
 Sunny Place 

Yukari (hair make-up):

smiley: ohwell

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May 15 11 3:49 PM

桃井ひとみ (MOMO) changed her stage name to モモイヒトミ
Her album Kaeru no uta came out last week. I'll see if I can get it...



カレント (Current)

帰り道 (Kaerimichi) live

Key+Lia Best 2001-2010
HQ cover:

Last Edited By: Tij May 15 11 3:51 PM. Edited 1 time.

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May 18 11 6:42 PM

So I just got noticed that Bentley Jones is covering Mami Kawada's JOINT for his TRANS//LATION 2 album!!!

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