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Apr 14 11 2:01 AM

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New & upcoming releases

2013/02/20 Kaori Utatsuki - 2nd mini-album
2013/02/20 MELL - Entrust ~the name of MELL~ (best-of album)
2013/02/20 Sachika Misawa - Polaris (anime soundtrack)
2013/02/20 Mami Kawada - FIXED STAR (single)
2013/02/13 Mami Kawada - BEST BIRTH (best-of album)
2013/02/06 Ray - Recall (single)
2012/08/08 Mami Kawada - SQUARE THE CIRCLE (4th album)
2012/06/29 I've - オマイラBEST SHORT CIRCUIT
2012/06/29 I've - G.C.BEST - I've GIRL's COMPILATION BEST
2012/06/09 Eiko Shimamiya - Onkalo (single)
2012/05/30 Mami Kawada - Borderland (single)
2012/05/16 KOTOKO - →unfinished→ (single)
2012/02/29 やなぎなぎ - ビードロ模様 (single) (Yanagi Nagi - Vidro Moyou)
2012/02/08 Ray - sign (single)
2012/02/01 Mami Kawada - serment (single)
2012/01/25 LSP - Trip -innocent of D- (single)
Comiket 81 Rin Asami - Got it!! -Extended Ver.- (single)
Comiket 81 Kaori Utatsuki - 時の翼 (single) (Toki no Tsubasa)
Comiket 81 Eiko Shimamiya - 5 TEARS (mini-album, self-produced) (non-I've)
2011/11/16 KOTOKO - Light My Fire (single) (non-I've)
2011/10/05 KOTOKO - ヒラく宇宙ポケット (5th album) (non-I've) (Hiraku Uchuu Pocket)
Comiket 80 Outer - Outer (1st mini-album)
2011/07/29 I've x Lantis - TRIBAL LINK-L (album)
2011/07/29 I've x Lantis - TRIBAL LINK-R (album)
2011/07/27 LSP - 君+謎+私でJUMP!! (major debut single)
2011/07/27 Lia - きみはひとりなんかじゃないよ/Song of Life (charity single) (non-I've)
2011/06/29 Eiko Shimamiya - E.P.S -Eiko PRIMARY SELECTION- (I've Final Best Selection Album)
2011/06/24 Key+Lia Best 2001-2010 (best-of album) (non-I've)
2011/02/16 Mami Kawada - See visionS (single)
2010/12/29 I've MANIA Tracks vol.III (album)
2010/12/15 Lia - Kokoro ni Todoku Uta (single) (non-I've)
2010/11/03 Mami Kawada - No buts! (single)
2010/10/27 Lia - Kizunairo (single) (non-I've)
2010/10/27 MELL - MIRAGE (2nd album)
2010/10/20 KOTOKO - Loop-the-Loop (single)
2010/09/24 I've Girls Compilation Album Vol. 7 - EXTRACT
2010/07/23 Larval Stage Planning - Rolling Star☆彡 (single)
2010/07/21 Lia - ashita tenki ni nare (single) (non-I've)
2010/07/07 KOTOKO - Budokan Live 2010 DVD, KOTOKO - Hekira no Sora e Izanaedo (single)
2010/06/25 SHORT CIRCUIT III (I've Sound's concept album)
2010/04/28 Eiko Shimamiya - Perfect World (3rd mini-album)
2010/03/24 Mami Kawada - LINKAGE (3rd album)

Genre trance, techno, eurobeat, pop, rock, new age
I've Sound (or I've, IVE, aibu), is a music production group based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. They debuted in 1999 with "regret", an indie album.
IVE's indie releases are under Fuctory Records (indie label).
Their mainstream releases with the vocalists are mostly under Geneon Universal Entertainment Japan.
IVE = producers (sound creators) + vocalists (utahime)

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Apr 17 11 11:30 AM
I've Sound Creators' FC


Yesterday's charity auction goods:

1. 島みやえい子・・・2005 武道館衣裳
Eiko's 2005 Budokan costume

2. 詩月カオリ・・・2009 武道館衣裳
Kaori's 2009 Budokan costume

3. Larval Stage Planning・・・私物
LSP's personal belongings

4. C.G.mix・・・2009 武道館衣裳
C.G mix's 2009 Budokan costume

5. MELL・・・2010 SHIBUYA AX 衣裳
MELL's 2010 SHIBUYA AX costume

6. 川田まみ・・・2009 武道館衣裳
Mami's 2009 Budokan costume

7. 中沢伴行・・・シンセ音源
Nakazawa's Synthesizer

8. 井内舞子・・・書き下ろしEXTRACT ~The truth in me~ピアノアレンジ音源(USBメモリー)+高瀬一矢写真入り写真立て
Maiko's USB memory stick containing a piano arrangement of EXTRACT ~The truth in me~
+ Takase's photo frame

9. OUTER・・・A-FESに出演予定をしていたメンバーの衣裳Tシャツ(サイン入)
Outer T-shirts

* KOTOKO had an auction during her FC's live event


KOTOKO アコースティック・ライブ・ツアー"心音" ~繋げよう!歌と笑顔と君の手と~
KOTOKO's Acoustic Live Tour "Shin-on" ~Tsunageyou! Uta to Egao to Kimi no te to~ ("Heartbeat" ~Let's connect! With songs and smiles and your hands~)

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#5 post_url

Apr 18 11 8:40 PM

Yay, Eiko is back! I wonder if she's doing the Higurashi Kira themes~~~

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Apr 18 11 11:35 PM

^ I guess not...

The OP is called "Happy! Lucky! Dochy!", and will be performed by Rika (Tamura Yukari), Satoko (Kanai Mika), and Hanyuu (Horie Yui). The ED is called "Unprecedented Miracle Change" (前代未聞☆ミラクルチェンジ), and each arc will have its own unique version of it.
is it a good thing that they are now working on things like touring and the FC events more than new music? E5616568bd4e8991cba4bb392105821777defba3_r

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#7 post_url

Apr 19 11 1:16 AM

Awwww. Sadface.

They could have different OPs for the different arcs since they're being released over a year or something, right?

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Apr 19 11 5:35 AM

Tij wrote:
is it a good thing that they are now working on things like touring and the FC events more than new music? 

I'm inclined to wonder if the apparent new music hiatus is tied to the 'announcement' that Lantis have still to re-schedule? But to take your question literally, yes, touring is good because during hard times it's the best way of earning money and at a moment when there are no new releases scheduled, keeping the fan-base on-board takes on extra importance.

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Apr 20 11 1:39 AM


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Apr 20 11 8:12 AM

I've been reading all the hidden stuff in the first post. Thank you Tij. It's quite the best synopsis of I've Sound that I have seen. Of course, I have a few comments, not all of them to be taken seriously.

I did pause for a moment when I read the description of Yasutaka Ipposhi. Could it be that it's a bit of an undersell? If you read what Harry Yoishida has written on the I've USA website, he seems to effectively describe Yasu Ipposhi as co-founder of I've/Fuctory. The impression I have formed is that Kazuya runs the artistic side (I've) and Yasu runs the business side (Fuctory). But then again that's just my impression.

So Wata's departure was not all champagne and warm speaches? Well, I'm no wiki-nazi so I'm not going to tell you that a citation is needed. But rather, it reminds me of very similar things I have read on the net regarding Fishtone's departure from the I've camp (no pun intended). The TTB studio website isn't that much fun and I don't visit it that often, but it has struck me as odd that Fishtone seems to have deleted pretty much all reference to his involvement with I've, even in respect to his own personal history. [As an aside, I notice that despite the digital single we had last year, the new album from Hitomi Momoi (MOMO) isn't via TTB, but via some other indie outfit.]

"Reina ... her current whereabout is unknown". Wow, you make it sound so suspicious. Where did Kazuya bury the body? We need an answer! There are quite a few utahime we have lost track of. Whoever was MAKO and what ever happend to that wonderful voice?

Looking at the blurb about the new Creators FC on the I've website, the thing that strikes me most forceably is the list of names. Kazuya, Tomoyuki, C.G and Takeshi. No Maiko. How should we interpret this? A tacit admission from I've that they realise no-one really likes Maiko's stuff that much? Or a telegraphed signal that unbeknown to us, she has followed wata and fishtone out of the door? Or maybe neither of those. When I look at the credits on I've albums, the names Kazuya, Tomoyuki, C.G and Takeshi are normally followed with (I've/Fuctory) in parenthesis. Maiko on the other hand tends to be credited by name alone. It seems to imply Maiko has a different relationship with I've. Not a member but an associate. Someone who works with I've but who isn't on the Fuctory payroll. Whatever, I find the omission of her name slightly suprising.

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Apr 20 11 9:26 AM there's a video here


  1. ひぐらしのなく頃に (Higurashi no naku koro ni)
  2. Super scription of data
  4. 太陽 (Taiyou from O)
  5. 誓い (Chikai)
  6. ひかりなでしこ (Hikari nadeshiko)
  7. Dreamer -Remix- ※SORMAアレンジ
  8. 奈落の花 (Naraku no Hana)
  9. 砂の城 -The Castle of Sand- (Suna no Shiro)
  10. WHEEL OF FORTUNE (運命の輪)
  11. スカラベの祈り (Scarab no Inori)
  12. River ※新曲
  13. inner child ※新曲
12 & 13 are new songs arranged by Takase and Nakazawa.

So it's Eiko's last album as an I've Utahime smiley: ohwell

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#13 post_url

Apr 20 11 9:53 AM


So sad...

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#14 post_url

Apr 20 11 10:28 AM

Thank you TauCeti ;__;

You're right about Ipposhi. In the video on the USA website Takase said that he and Ipposhi had been a group long before C.G mix and Nakazawa came into the picture. It looks like Ipposhi switched to the business side around the time I've was formed.

Wata and Fishtone...
ugh wiki-nazis. I would have cited the sources but they'd all be like japnese wiki or 2ch or twitter lol.
There's no mentioning of their past work with I've on both sides, except a few blurbs here and there from some I've Twitters (Eiko, Mami, I've Bus, ...) where they answered questions about wata and Fishtone in a warm manner. Fishtone had a very long interview with the Fuctory FC a few months ago and he didn't mention anything about I've either. I just hope they will eventually resolve the problems.

I like her songs ;__; I always imagined she's a plumpish western singer~

I don't think Maiko has ever been the least favorite. She's been credited without the (I've) or (I've/Fuctory) from the start (that's when wata and fishtone were still around and she was Miu Uetsu). I think it's her decision. Maybe she's more of an independent artist / contractor. I was very surprised at first but then it's always been the case. And she's my favorite <3

ok i'm still shocked about this Eiko's "final best album"...

New cover album "Tribal Link" mentioned in Eiko&Takase's video message. Eiko will perform 2 songs (originally performed by ?-san and ?-chan lol). Release date: July 6.

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Apr 20 11 4:33 PM

Tij wrote:
New cover album "Tribal Link" mentioned in Eiko&Takase's video message. Eiko will perform 2 songs (originally performed by ?-san and ?-chan lol). Release date: July 6.
Rumor has it that it's that I've x Lantis project. Apparently it's going to have popular seiyuu (who are signed to Lantis) sing I've songs, and the I've Utahime sing popular seiyuu-related songs (if there actually are any lolololololol).

And for those who still care about wata, he restarted his touch trax project and is now producing VOCALOID songs with two other people as "WOM".

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#17 post_url

Apr 20 11 5:57 PM

Oh Eikos last Album...and then no new I've Songs from her in the future?...
But to be honest I always felt that she wants to do the calm Ballad Songs and that her Techno/Rock Songs aren't her Type of Music.

But I'm happy to see that all the Songs I love from her are on the Album, except for Taiyou, which is the worst Song from O for me
So happy to see VANILLA and Scarab no Inori here again, I always wanted to get her ULYSSES Album because of those Songs ( and ULYSSES of cause which is her best Song ever ) but it's not available anywhere.

Hopefully the two new Songs aren't both Ballads

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