Thread Limits and Other Thread Concerns

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Some of you may have noticed that our more popular threads have been behaving quite oddly. As threads get longer, reaching in excess of a 100 or so pages, new replies may not be displayed properly or at all. This is not a problem that we can fix, this is an issue with the Yuku board itself. Because of this, we are imposing a 100 page limit to all threads. Once a thread reaches the 100 page mark, it will be closed. Threads made for specific artists will retain their thread starter and will simply be trimmed. Other generic threads will be closed and anyone is free to create a replacement thread. Once a thread has reached 100 pages, everyone should stop posting in it and wait instead for a new thread to be made. Although a new thread can be created before the old one hits 100, I ask that people do not use the new thread until the old one has done so.

As you can see, we now have an Archive sub-category. As we are not bound to forum limits and bandwidth the way we were by JPM, we now can allow everyone to go back and see old threads any time they wish. When an old thread is trimmed or closed, you will now be able to find it under the Archives sub-category.

Thanks for reading and your cooperation.
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