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Discuss this amazing series here.
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I'm still looking forward to XIII-2. Now that the PSP2 has been announced, I guess FF Type 0 will be one of the last games for the system. Versus is still under development with no release date. Final Fantasy XIV is still in free trial mode and the PS3 version still has no release date. And Final Fantasy XV is in the very early stages of development.

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Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in getting this response back to you!

We talked to Yoshida and one of the things he mentioned was that the number of people wanting a female Roegadyn was pretty unexpected! He wanted us to let you know that the team will do their best to introduce missing genders alongside the launch of the PS3 version.
Basically, it comes up to us. We're not at the strings of the investors.

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Jaxxia wrote:And Final Fantasy XV is in the very early stages of development.
I'm sure it is, but has there been any official word on it yet?
So I've been playing FFX. Got the airship... just tying up loose ends before I go into Sin. I've decided I can't be bothered doing a 100% finish this time. Should give me enough playtime before Final Fantasy 4 Collection arrives next week :D

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Just got FFIV: The Complete Collection in the post! I'm so excited lol I love these collectors editions Square keeps throwing at us. I just wish they'd give FFIII, V and VI the same PSP treatment as I, II and now IV.
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^ Yeah but I guess they are bringing the PS1 versions of those to the PSN sometime soon. Hope they fixed the insane load times though, if not I won't be grabbing them lol.

Seriously 40 second load times on a port of a snes game, the fuck square!

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sweet, i would totally get it on the PSN, although i've been wanting to download the I, II, III on the iphone.

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Chrono Trigger is joining the line up too. Why not just call it Chronicles and Anthology and be done with it, not like charging $9.99 for them is much of a difference. Guess they could get more sales overall by separating them.

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I'm planning on buying Dissidia Duodecim soon. Was a huge fan of the first game (which was kind of a surprise for me, I wasn't expecting very much), so I'm glad they developed another game. I hope Dissidia will become an own series of many more games.

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Just did the interlude in FFIV PSP.

I love this game Image I just wish they'd properly remake or re-release FFVI. Image