The alternative folk music appreciation thread

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What do I mean that alternative folk? Not sure if this expression is accurate but what I mean is fusion music made of Chinese folk and pop/electro/whatever genre.
This thread is is here to show appreciation, share concerts videos, comment on the artistry of the musicians. You can add as many artists as you want here as long as they fit the description, though I'm open to musicians who only do folk music without any fusion or "modernization" :)
Sa Ding Ding 萨顶顶Singer, songwriter.English wiki page: tracks: Ha Li Li ... tube_gdata绿衣女孩 ... tube_gdata
Ceng Yan 曾檐Singer, producer, songwriter
Recommended tracks: 乌鸦的梦 音乐微电影 ... tube_gdata直到世界末日 ... tube_gdata
Let me put some links from the awesome collaboration between Chinese Guzheng musician Bei Bei and American producer Shawn Lee: ... tube_gdata ... tube_gdata ... tube_gdata
And now some fusion songs from musicians who are not folk artists:Anson Hu 胡彦斌 - 鸿门宴 ... tube_gdata
Anson Hu 胡彦斌 - One Night In Shanghai ... tube_gdata
If you know some kick ass fusion songs, please share! :)

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this thread is going to make my soul happy.
theres too much noise here at the moment, but i will come back to listen to everything later.


awesome idea!!

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Thanks, hope you'll enjoy it! Image

More videos:

Phoenix Legend ... tube_gdata

Sa Dingding's MVs are "weird" or not common so hopefully people here won't be too weirded out lol They used to have wayy more youtube views but Sa Ding Ding recently created her Vevo so some of the other MV vids were deleted.

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EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO REPLY TO THIS THREAD, I AM STOPPED!!whether its my connection disappearing, my computer randomly shutting down, or yuku being a jerk, something always stops me.
And today, I had a nice post all ready to go, and was foiled once again.Now, it won't let me add more than 2
The gist was, thank you for the videos you've put up.Sa Dingding is awesome, and I've loved her for a long time.Zeng Yan is interesting, but I'm not sold on her yet. The second track there was really cool though.BeiBei and Shawn Lee remind me of Agatsuma.

EDIT: This sucks. Here are direct links to the other videos I've been trying to get into this post:
Kelsang Metok, a Tibetan singer. Can't find anything for purchase or download of hers.

Altan Urag. Nothing short of badass Mongolain folk/rock. There is this hypnotic throbbing pulse in a lot of their music.
Also haven't found anything for purchase or download of theirs.

12 Girls Band. They've been popular for a long time now. It seems at some point they switched out their members for a younger, cuter and peppier squad.They have their own original music, but also cover contemporary music. They're always vibrant, beautiful and refreshing to listen to. There is a lot of energy in them!

Rin'. A Japanese trio that has been disbanded for a couple of years now.

Talvin Singh. A bit removed from the rest of the offerings here, Talvin Singh is a DJ who mixes electronic with traditional Asian elements. Sometimes samples of older songs, sometimes he'll write and perform a new organic piece for his work. Always always stellar.
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