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¿Do you know this song?

Hello everyone! Im heard a Jpop song, but, I cant take the name of the song or the singer. Can you help me? This is the song. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: ultramar Forum: J-Pop Discussion
February 15, 2017 04:36 AM

Taichi Mukai - 2nd EP "24" (2016.11.16)

Taichi Mukai (向井太一)<Biography>-<Discography>EP:[2016.03.30] Pool[2016.11.16] 24<Links>Official WebsiteFacebookInstagramSoundcloud

Author: DeepFried Forum: J-Pop Artists Threads
February 3, 2017 03:16 AM

LILA - To debut soon?

LILA (Lila Adona)<Biography>Singer-songwriter under Mad Music.<Discography>-<Links>InstagramTwitterFacebookSoundcloud

Author: DeepFried Forum: J-Pop Artists Threads
February 3, 2017 02:59 AM

Who is your favorite J-POP singers?

Hello everyone! Nice to meet you! I am a newbee here. I am a big fan of JPOP from 10 years ago. I searched and found out here. But I am a little bit sad now. Too calm here! This is JPOP forum, right? But KPOP board has more postings!...

Author: mondaymon Forum: J-Pop Discussion
January 25, 2017 05:07 AM

Japanese name making tools

I found Japanese name maker sites. Let's share them : Here is mine : Japanese 

Author: mondaymon Forum: General Discussion
January 25, 2017 04:55 AM

CLC [5th KR mini-album "CRYSTYLE" 2017.01.17]

CLC (씨엘씨; acronym of CrystaL Clear) is a Korean pop girl group formed by CUBE Entertainment. CLC is CUBE Entertainment's first multinational group, who debuted with 4 Korean members and 1 Thai member (Sorn) on March 19, 2015 with their...

Author: Moh Forum: Korean Artists Threads
January 19, 2017 05:25 AM

Oricon Thread 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Oricon Thread. In this thread we discuss the charts published by Oricon, in particular their CD single/album, digital album and music DVD/Blu-ray charts. Updates are daily (top 30 CD singles/albums) and weekly (top...

Author: prototype Forum: J-Pop Discussion
January 8, 2017 03:03 PM

Listen to Sing Me to Sleep - Alan Walker (EDM change into Sad Cover)

Just share : [url] Many Thanks

Author: melofer Forum: General Discussion
January 4, 2017 02:18 AM



Author: CUTTA Forum: Gaming
December 14, 2016 05:42 AM

2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs

What a game this is probably the best baseball game in a long long time.  Congrats to former Seattle Mariners Mike Montgomery and Chris Bosio.

Author: moonbunny28 Forum: General Discussion
November 3, 2016 05:52 AM

HELP, tryping to find song rom 2014-15 ish

I remember the music video had this girl slowly becoming a part of the transformation was in a public restroom? she ends up seducing a guy and maybe killing him idk... but uve been searching for hours!

Author: Nmscott18 Forum: J-Pop Discussion
October 29, 2016 04:17 AM

RIRI / debut album "I love to sing" 11/02

mini-album "I love to sing" will be coming out on November 2nd.all three of the singles are really great, especially GOLD.DiscographyDigital singles[2016.06.03] COLOR ME[2016.06.24] GOLD[2016.07.22] Yes Be FreeMini-albums[2016.11.02] I...

Author: uncle Jemima Forum: J-Pop Artists Threads
October 29, 2016 12:51 AM

Looking for a music i cant remember

Hello everyone, years ago I watched a music clip an i would like to see it again. In the clip there is a man who at the end has one of his arm shooting someone like a missile.  Also there is a bar with a woman behind the bar, also a TV...

Author: dantist Forum: J-Pop Discussion
October 28, 2016 06:21 PM

i need a title of song :) pls help [important]

i need a title of song from 0:13 lirycs will be helpfull too if u dont know title

Author: szukajdelfina Forum: J-Pop Discussion
October 10, 2016 10:47 AM

Help identifying a song?

Can anyone help me identify this song? Shazam couldn't get it ?t=31s" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">?t=31s The video should start right at the song I'm trying to identify. But if not, the song is at the 31 second mark in the video....

Author: andrewjneis Forum: General Discussion
October 4, 2016 05:53 PM

nowisee | 1st album "Tenohira no Senso" + new single every month

nowisee is a cross-content project that weaves together video and story with a focus on music. The members are Strange Octave (Vocal), Minimum Root (Guitar), Add Fat (Guitar), Turtle 7th (Piano), Chotto Unison (Bass), and 残酷 tone...

Author: uncle Jemima Forum: J-Pop Artists Threads
September 22, 2016 09:43 PM

Does anyone of you know the name of this song?

I haven't been posing a new thread for a long time but I wanted to see all of these osu plays know this song. It's good and I wanna listen to it again on YouTube. [url] I hope anyone understand the quality of this song, I recorded at the...

Author: kokoroanime Forum: General Discussion
September 1, 2016 01:35 AM

I Just Got My First Song On The Radio. Check It Out!

Here is a link to my music, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it: All the songs on this demo were written and composed by me and I was fortunate enough to get Joel Kazmi who’s worked...

Author: dylanbriscall Forum: General Discussion
July 30, 2016 11:24 PM

ToMix & Genish - Reality (feat. Rasti)

​ToMix & Genish - Reality (feat. Rasti)

Author: Shimi5006 Forum: J-Electronic
July 25, 2016 06:56 PM

HAIDUK - DemonicoN

Greetings!\m/ Blackened death project HAIDUK returns with a crushing new release:“DEMONICON”! All Hail!! [url=   [url=[/url" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">[/b]    ........._____________-Haiduk

Author: haidukplague Forum: General Discussion
July 24, 2016 08:04 PM