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Rules and Guidelines, plus updates concerning the message board. Read first before posting anywhere!
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Through our own oversight (and outright laziness) we never got around to actually explicitly laying out the rules and guidelines of the forum like we did at JPM. As many of you know, the rules for this forum simply carried over from the original site. However, it's been a number of years since that site ceased operating and I'm sure we have enough users who have never been to the original site now. So, without much further ado, so that there's no doubt about what's expected of you here:


Absolutely no hate speech, trolling or derogatory attacks against members, artists, etc, will be tolerated. If you are caught making racist, homophobic, transphobic or sexist comments, you will be subject to disciplinary action. This is a private forum. By choosing to join JPC, you agree to abide by our community standards.

You may not advertise any personal or professional products, websites, etc. Any advertising will be subject to thread removal and account banning. If you have items you want to sell, you may not do that on this forums. No Ebay postings either. Depending on the subject matter and content of your personal website, it may be posted here. However, you may not do so without the expressed consent of JPC staff.

Media Sharing / Requesting
No downloadable media is allowed to be shared on the general forums. All posted media must be streaming and can not have attached download links on the website itself. Requesting singles or albums and videos is also prohibited on the general forum. Media can be shared in restricted access sub-forums.

JPC has some exceptions to this rule. Radio-rips may be shared without restriction. A single (1) audio file from a commercially released single or album may be posted on the general forum. However, you may not bypass these restrictions by uploading complete albums or singles as individual tracks. Your account will be promptly banned for doing so.

Hotlinking images, the act of posting images from their original source is absolutely prohibited. You must reupload any and all images onto your own image hosting account. Imgur and your own yuku account are great places that are free to use. Reposting images directly from twitter or tumblr is not okay, you must reupload the image. No exceptions.

Disciplinary Action
Any infractions will lead to disciplinary action. The first offense will lead to a warning. The second offense will lead to a week long suspension. The third offense will lead to a permanent banning of your account. Should you create another account, it too will be banned if you continue to cause trouble.


JPC is an English-language community, except in approved circumstances, conversations should be conducted in English. We can't moderate if we can't understand it. JPC has a relaxed stance on language, profanity is allowed although it should be used under good judgement. We will treat you as a mature individual as long as you demonstrate you are deserving of it.

Please check the stickies on top of every forum before you make a post in it. Many of the sub-forums are very specific and have their own guidelines for what constitutes acceptable material in that particular forum. Ignorance is not an excuse. By choosing to participate in this forum, you are hereby expected to be informed of the expectations of the forums you post in.

Given the nature of large communities, it is impossible for moderators to see every and all posts. If you find posts that you feel violate community standards we ask that you report the post to moderators.
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