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Apr 15 17 6:00 PM

SubKulture says that it's a 'fanmeet' rather than a concert. It's an hour and a half, filled with Q&A and games along with performances (so probably the same showcase cover lineup that they've been doing thus far)
I got my ticketssss can't wait to gooooo

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Posts: 2,667 Mohtorboat

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Apr 15 17 6:51 PM

They've been dropping hints on Instagram about another song coming out, so maybe they'll at least have 3 songs by the time they're on "tour."

Me sitting here miffed that Florida got snubbed again. >_>

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Apr 15 17 7:12 PM

Yeah, you know how "US tours" are. Always NYC and LA, and then one random Texas city. Although usually it's Dallas (DEAN's gonna be there a few days after KARD is in Houston actually, funny enough). This is the first time I've seen it in Houston though, and since that's only 6hrs away from New Orleans it was a better deal than having to travel to Dallas or Austin (RIP K-Pop SXSW). I hope the new song comes out soon though, if they do plan on releasing it before the tour!

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Apr 18 17 12:44 AM

Moh wrote:
24.04.17 = 24th April, 2017.
I'm dumb. Lolol. Thanks love~

But also like, the friend who showed me this also showed me CoCo Avenue's first original song and it's like, clearly theirs is superior but also why is it alright for them to not get criticized while EXP does? Like, actual critiquing aside. Because EXP's been getting flack since the trailer for this came out (actually since before, when it was just an experiment)?

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Posts: 2,667 Mohtorboat

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Apr 24 17 2:58 PM

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Apr 26 17 10:59 PM

For me, it was better than the initial teasers led me to believe lolol. Not my fave of the three, but still good
I wonder if they're gonna do one more single or if they're gonan finally debut though

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Apr 30 17 4:17 PM

They are so rude lolol. I thought the LG collab was the hidden this go round but nOPE. The description said this is the Last Hidden, so I'm wondering if this means we'll get a proper debut soon

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May 9 17 1:53 AM

Y'all. The KARD fanmeet was so fun. I'm still reeling. They performed all four songs, plus a buncha covers (Bitch Betta Have My Money CENSORED FOR SURE [Jiwoo and J.Seph], Ariana Grande's The Way [Somin and BM], Zam's I Will Not Stop with a bombass arrangement and Side To Side), as well as a Q&A, a Fan Wish Dice Game, and a Random Play Dance. I died. SO GOOD

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May 10 17 8:24 PM

^I'm glad you had fun. I've been debating whether or not to start going to these concerts.

PSY has two songs for his comeback


I love NEW FACE over I LUV IT. For the first time, I like both songs.
The subtitles are wrong. I know that sometimes the subtitles kind of don't make sense sometimes
but I'm not sure I like completely wrong subtitles either.

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May 11 17 4:17 PM

Since it was a fanmeet, it was a little different from an actual concert (like G-DRAGON's tour probably, he's making a huge tour now...), so the set-up was a whole lot different but also still very fun
I'd say if you have the chance and you really like the artist, go for it. I'm not gonna go to GD's in Houston because I'm not as big of a fan, but it is exciting to see that the opportunity is there. I'm mad I couldn't see DEAN in Dallas, cuz it was a few days after, but the drive back to NOLA from Dallas would have literally murdered me

I'm digging both songs, but I screamed when PenPineappleApplePen man was in I LUV IT. I wonder where they got the subs from tbh. This is the first time I've seen a YG video have any sort of English translation...JYP's probably the first of the big three to have captions, but obviously since PSY is so international it warrants it

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May 22 17 8:35 PM

^^ I like~ Don't Wanna Cry is a nice follow up to HIGHLIGHT.

iKON releases 2 club banger MVs!!



GOT7 is also back, but the track just sounds noisy...

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