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Feb 23 17 3:44 AM

It's fine, I'm still pressed Keep Out is being kept out lol.

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Mar 27 17 1:26 AM

Oooh a collab with DAZED too.
The video's amazingly styled. I think after a while it does get a little repetitive, but overall not bad at all. I do agree that FEMM didn't really contribute much to this release aside from probably visual aesthetics (shame too sobbu)
Is the opening rap bit the same lyrics from circle? It sounds SUPER similar

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Mar 27 17 5:55 AM

Faky major debut mini album will be released in June!
Available in CD only and CD+DVD edition.

Keep Out
Are You OK?
Bad Things
Someday We'll Know

Candy Music Video
Are You OK? Music Video
Surrender Music Video
Someday We'll Know Music Video
+ making ofs

There will be remixes as bonus tracks on the CD only edition.

If you preorder on mu-mo, you will get a signed poster..

Really happy about a physical release!

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Mar 27 17 8:04 PM

Let's pray it actually makes it to the release date this time.

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Mar 28 17 3:32 AM

Oh god! Keep Out is IN! I can't wait, hope it won't get delayed and they'll see at least moderate success. Kinda sad it's just a mini with some rehashed songs. BUT WE'LL FINALLY GET KEEP OUT!

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Mar 28 17 4:27 AM

I'm sure it will happen this time. They're constantly having performances since the reboot, building their brand, and Someday We'll Know has a tie-in with Air Asia. The only old songs are Candy and Are You OK?. All the others are new, digital singles or just performed. I'm fine with it.

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The new EP is called "Unwrapped" and they published a first promo pic:


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