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Nov 11 16 4:08 AM

^ Don't doubt my hope, lol.

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Dec 5 16 3:43 AM

So the NERDHEAD album has finally leaked and the song with DOUBLE is okay, nothing particularly exciting, but it's nice to hear her anyway. Still keeping my fingers crossed for new music.

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Dec 9 16 4:31 AM

She sings so little on the song. i want more !
Why her new label not pushing her to put out some new songs!

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Apr 21 17 3:56 AM

^ You're not alone in this sentiment. I wonder what's her stance right now. Considering she popped up a couple of times this past few years it looks like she still wants to record, maybe there are some issues with her label.

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Apr 22 17 8:04 AM

I decided to do some investigating and found her website and it looks like she is joining AI for 2 shows Osaka Apr.30 and Tokyo May 5 & 6.  It's called AI presents Legend Night II

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May 2 17 3:28 AM

ThinkingOutLoud89 wrote:
^I saw the posters in Shibuya. Miliyah will also be there.

Props to AI for calling all her friends to perform live. I remeber she did the same for one of her previous tours. Even if it's for a couple of Tokyo date, its still awesome.

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