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Apr 9 17 2:08 AM

Covers and track list are out!

M1. 渡月橋 ~君 想ふ~
M2. 渡月橋 ~君 想ふ~ (Instrumental) 
M3. Time after time ~花舞う街で~ TIME TRAVEL PARADOX REMIX (Regular version only)

The TV broadcast of Live Project 2017 “SAWAGE☆LIVE” will air on WOWOW starting April 30th.

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Apr 20 17 3:32 AM

But it really doesn't. xD. It's just a remix, what I referred to is an actual new song to compliment the A-side. Throwing in a remix doesn't mean anything to me. I remember that I waited 2 weeks more than I should have for a pre-release CD I ordered (which never happened before as I've received them all within 1 day after release date). So hopefully yours will arrive soon.

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Apr 21 17 2:46 AM

Good news my CD finally came.smiley: happy  Took it long enough.   I know what you mean I usually don't care too much for remixes myself but I figured might as well get the regular version with it instead of the one with the MV that will probably hopefully be included when she releases her next album.      I usually make my decision on what single version I get based on how much I like the covers.smiley: smile

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May 5 17 1:23 AM

Live Project 2017 (WOWOW broadcast)

Bolded songs were aired:

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