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Apr 18 17 7:37 AM

Thanks p3ters, it was a nice read!
Really sad to hear about the Q&A, thank god you were there at least. Can't say I was surprised though, always thought it was really weird that she got booked for it. Hopefully it doesn't knock her interest in going abroad again. Though i'd definitely be the same creepy feeling fan who'd want to talk to her a bunch of times, so happy you got to meet her and fingers crossed you can get a hold of some of the photos!

Was the concert really busy? (Like how much out of 10?)
Even if they weren't fans, if anything it's good that the concert had people filling up the place and experiencing something new, I worried since the announcement that she'd play to a semi empty room

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Apr 18 17 4:23 PM

I love relistening to this song, such a strong single


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Apr 19 17 2:32 AM

grrrr.... I really wish I could multiquote but yuku board sure sucks... I couldnt even properly post my pic earlier without the board screwing it up

mace63>> she speaks conversational english; if I had more opportunity to talk to her I would ask her about how she learned and all that. Not perfect, but she can speak and understand. Before she sang How Far I'll Go, she mentioned the original singer and was trying to explain her own take on the song, it seemed like the word she was missing was "version." Anyways, here's an instagram vid of her speaking, there's definitely some organic speech there and doesnt feel all rehearsed:

evilsin>> haha, yeah shout outs to the pickup thread! I should post my experience in the jpop thread too!

Skarsgard>> it did seem packed, but I was all the way in the front so I couldnt tell for sure. The hall itself was quite big, had a pit area in the front for standing, and rows upon rows of chairs after that with screens broadcasting too so ppl farther away from the stage can at least view those. So yeah, in my area there was definitely a crowd, but I don't have the perspective to tell you exactly out of 10 how packed it actually was.

raito7>> definitely check instagram, hashtag Miliyah. Just keep scrolling and you'll eventually see a block of ppl posting shots from the show.

this account in particular seems to have curated a handful of clips and reposted them:

and the pics and vid I took: <-- multi pics btw, make sure to click the arrow to see more.

I did take more video, but the sound quality sucks since I was right up front, it's all distortion and heavy bass. I do have a clip of Lonely Hearts I'll post on IG soon too, just need to cut it under a minute first. 


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Apr 19 17 3:23 AM

Skarsgard wrote:
I've been watching some insta videos, why does dokomademo need dancers in it, it makes it look so cringey lmao

Didn't the PV have dancers as well? I haven't seen the full version, but I remember dancers.

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Apr 19 17 4:07 AM

evilsin wrote:

Skarsgard wrote:
I've been watching some insta videos, why does dokomademo need dancers in it, it makes it look so cringey lmao

Didn't the PV have dancers as well? I haven't seen the full version, but I remember dancers.

Nope, just Miliyah, and even she didn't dance in it lol


Like.... replace the dancers with a fan or something lol

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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Apr 20 17 11:10 AM

p3ters, it sure is good that you were there. Imagine how much worse the Q&A would've been otherwise. Surely she wasn't expecting someone to show up with an old rare L.P. for signing!

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Apr 21 17 7:23 AM

Jealous you got to see her p3ters! Things like this don't happen often, glad you had the chance!

Utopia lacks surprises for sure, it's mostly her voice that keeps some songs interesting and it doesn't play in the album's favor. A shame about the album's sales as well.

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Apr 21 17 11:19 PM

5k less than her previous album, when all this album had was a disney song to promote it? it's not that bad

miliyah's been a sinking ship for quite a while, unsure what this release was meant to do for her, i guess the main focus for her is this year's tour (like for most other artists in her situation).

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Apr 23 17 1:31 PM

Skarsgard wrote:
Damn not even over 3k?

That's insane considering LIBERTY was what.... 14k first day?
But then again she'd one like 0 promotion for this, apart from the announcement you could've forgotten she was even releasing an album.

Kinda worried about what this means for her future tbh, 3k is like...... really bad
Sorry, just came back form japan today, but her album was all over Shibuya for the past 2 weeks. Of all the CMs for Music, I saw hers the most.

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Apr 24 17 3:17 AM

I wasn't keeping up with her digital sales at all, so is she still viable on digital charts? Have any of the single songs get any certifications?

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May 9 17 2:55 PM

^out of guess, i would say, that the limited includes the remix listed for the tracklist.

edit: checking again, as the official site states 2006 as the official release-year, it may just have been one of those special releases by Sony around the winter-time to test the waters with her debut album?

edit 2: if you are able to read Japanese, maybe the box in the upper right corner gives some clues?アルバム)

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May 9 17 5:39 PM

I just realized that her version of Dokomademo isn't avaiable in Utopia Spotify ver., but is available in the Moana soundtrack album. Weird.

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